Enable 'Ok Google' command on any screen of your Android

The voice commands Google have proved useful to do search using a smartphone, and a recent change let us turn it on any screen of Android mobile device. Although the feature works only in English for now, support for other languages should arrive soon.

Check out how to enable 'Ok Google' command on any screen of your Android.

Step 1. Open Google Now and access the application settings. Select then the "Voice" option;

Step 2. To test the application, you must change the language to English detection, preferably the United States. Do this by tapping "Language" and select the language from the list;

Step 3 Now navigate to "Detection Ok, Google" and activate "from any screen." Mark from the lock screen too if you wish;

Step 4. A voice configuration window will open. Say "Ok, Google" three times so that the application recognizes your voice pattern, read the instructions on the next screen and tap "OK" to finish.

Ready! Now you can activate voice commands without touching the device. The feature makes Google searches easier to do at any time, making the Android smartphone an even more powerful ally when obtaining information on the Internet.