Fifa 14: Exchange Letters with Friends in Ultimate Team mode

Fifa 14 has as one of its main attractions Ultimate Team mode, where players can form teams using players’ dream of several teams, national and world championships. Learn to exchange letters with your friends on the way.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to put the sale the player you wish to exchange. Be sure to put an initial price and "Buy now" price, so that your friend can find it more easily.

It is important that you list the card for an amount considerably higher than the standard, to prevent other players end up buying the letter even before your friend find it. In the example, the attacker Fernando Torres costs around 1000 gold, but it was listed at 3,300 to avoid surprises.

Step 2: At this point, your friend will need to access the auction market the game and look for your letter. Use the filters "Min Price" and "Max Buy Now "with exactly the same values used when putting the player on sale.

Part 3: It's possible that your friend find more than one player with the same price, then enter the name of your team, so he chooses the correct letter (the current club appears on the right side of the screen).

Step 4: Now it needs to offer some (s) letter (s) in exchange for his. To do this just click on "Prop. Exchange".

Step 5: Now he must choose the player you want to give in exchange for his. Note that it is possible to provide several letters, including contracts and uniforms, or even a few coins.

Step 6: Getting back to your account, go to your letter (in the example, Fernando Torres) and check that an exchange offer appeared on the bottom. Press Y / Triangle to check the offer.

Step 7: If everything is correct, and click "Accept Trade" to consecrate the business.

Step 8: Okay, now the new player is already in your club, and you can use him any way you want, whether playing or even reselling the letter.