Fifa 14: Learn to use Ultimate Team Assembler Casts

Fifa 14 allows players to create millions of combinations of teams using several athletes, training and uniforms of famous teams in Ultimate Team mode. In addition to manually select each athlete, you can also use a little help from assembler casts. Check out the tutorial:

Step 1: From the Ultimate Team mode menu, go to "Rosters" tab and select "Cast Assets". It is ideal that the team is without players, to facilitate the work of the assembler.

Step 2: In the training screen, press Y / Triangle and choose "Assembler casts".

Step 3: Here you can specify some information from the team you want to mount. First choose the quality of the players on the team.

Step 4: Under "Nationality", you can set only one country in the search of players.

Step 5: In league, if you want, you can specify which players should play championship.

Step 6: In the club also gives athletes to filter a specific team

Step 7: Once you set everything the way you like, click "Mount Cast".

Step 8: The game will quickly show a team using only players with the filters you specify. Note that all athletes are their own club. If not players in Ultimate Team, hire some athletes in the auction.

Step 9: Often some good players from selected alloys or nationalities will be on the bench for not fitting neatly into a training position. In this case you can try to change the team's formation, or even use the players out of their main jobs.