Learn to Transfer your photo albums from Orkut to Google+

The Google announced on Monday (30) to close the Orkut on September 30. The social network was a success in Brazil in the past decade and now you need to save the images posted before the main exit of air. There is an easy way to transfer photo albums to Google+ through a tool from Google itself, when the user has the same e-mail registration for both accounts - Orkut and Google Plus - that will create a new profile Google+. Here's how to transfer photo albums from Orkut to Google+.

Step 1. Log in social networking. In the tool site orkut.com / AlbumsExport, click the albums you want to export. Then click "Import Selected albums";

Step 2. The import process will run automatically. A progress bar will show when the upload is completed, for each album, and a message will appear when the entire process is completed.

After following these steps, just check out the photos uploaded to your Google+ profile. This process can be done until September 30, 2014.

If you created profiles with different email accounts or you miss the deadline until the end of September 2014, you must back up , download all the content on Orkut, and then upload it manually to your new Google+ account until September 2016, according to Google.


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