Rival Knights: Learn to associate your FB and G+ accounts

Rival Knights, game developed by Gameloft, puts players in the shoes of a medieval knight, allows its users to connect their accounts with Facebook and Google+. The DTG Reviews prepared a tutorial that shows you how to activate the function quickly. Check out:

Step 1: Go to the Options icon in the game, it is recognized by the gear icon in the top corner;

Step 2: Sliding down menu, you will see two options associate the account: Facebook and Google+. Select your preference and go;

Step 3: If you chose Facebook, the app will ask you some permissions to integrate your account. Login with your account and grant the necessary permissions;

Step 4: If you choose Google+, Rival Knights will ask similar permissions on the social network, you simply grant them again. And voila! Your accounts are already integrated, now view your armor, mount his horse and defeat the enemies in this fun game.