Shakira becomes the 1st person to reach 100 million Likes on Facebook

After achieving the accolade around the world for her participation in the closing ceremony of the 2014 FIFA World Cup - the third consecutive - Shakira has reached a new milestone in her career this week.

The Colombian singer has reached a staggering 100 million “likes” on her Facebook page. The number was reached on Friday, 18 when she thanked the support of her die-hard fans.

"I have reached 100 million likes on Facebook, and this is amazing. Many thanks for your support," thanked the singer in a video.

Besides the impromptu video, the crew of Colombian singer produced another film to celebrate this astronomical number on Facebook. This is a beautiful montage remembering the best moments shared by Shakira on the social network.

First person to reach that mark
100 million tanned. At the time when such news is worded, there are 100 million and 200 thousand tanners idolizing the artist on Facebook. The number is historic, and Shakira represents the first celebrity in the world to achieve this mark, extolled by her team factor. "Shak was the first person to reach the 100 million followers on Facebook. That's why we created the video: to make a summary of those years on the site, "said the communications staff.

Active participation in social networks
Shakira has only 37 years. Part of this success can be attributed to her charisma and her frequent participation in social networks. The singer regularly uses virtual channels, and where possible, tries to respond to the desires of fans posts with pictures, messages, songs and humanitarian actions. These actions, moreover, certainly attract those who don’t necessarily follow the musical work of the artist, but admire her as a person.

World Cup and fondness for Brazil
Shakira was the closing of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and, as one might imagine, was a success. The singer surprised fans by bringing the little son, Milan, to the stage of the show, showing her good form to present at Maracanã audience, which went wild with a musical performance by the artist.

In a press conference in Rio de Janeiro before the occasion, Shakira said to have a huge affection for Brazil and said "love" the country. "I love this country passionately. I started my career here some years ago and have always had support of the fans. I feel a little Brazilian, and Portuguese is my second language. I learned that language before English. I have so many dear friends here that I feel at home, "praised the singer.

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