Shovel Knight: Cheats Codes to get along in retro game

Shovel Knight is a retro platform action game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, which takes the classic style very seriously when it comes to Cheats. There are a multitude of codes with the most diverse and fun effects, some useful, others merely curious. Check out a list of some of the best.

Shovel Knight Review

To activate these cheats, just start a new adventure and when the game asks you to give a name to save this file, place these codes in place of the name he planned. Some codes have adverse effects that do not always allow you to enjoy your journey normally, so use them as an extra. Check the codes:

Start the game with all the armor unlocked BXFGUEKM
Items: Flame Wand, Phase Locket, Dust Knuckles, Anchor Throwing, Coin and Alchemy Mobile Gear. ZMDMMXOO
Begins the game with 10 hearts. LBSHEAOQ
Start the game with 100 Magic. GVLEHQQF
Start the game with 99999 Gold. ZNSKNTGG
Start the game with everything unlocked except music. GGWBUCFV
Begins the game as a New Game +, as if he had already finished the adventure once ENTSSYSQ
Attacks enemies do not cause more damage. UDBPKFFX
Attacks enemies and traverse obstacles without harm ECXDASGN
Money left by enemies is automatically collected when they die ZMKFBAXY
Super jump and move faster WDYJUDWF
Super Speed PIJMFJUG
Ultra Speed CRGYGUKP
Treasures are attracted to you DSHHKILX
Thorns do not cause death OXLKJCGV
Abysses not cause death XZZCJNNP
Giant Shovel Knight, 2 times normal size YGVYUWSW
Shovel Knight colossal, 4 times the normal size TRGSVPPW
Heads will have half the energy QWXELSUK 
Heads will have only half of 1 heart attack  SFZHLNLG
Heads and Shovel Knight will have only half of 1 heart attack and die. KYRNMAPC
God Mode: Invincibility, pits and spikes do not cause death, greater speed, super jump, all Relics excluding Chalices, with infinite ammo rapid fire and treasures are attracted to you. STQQTXVX