Famitsu details the Characters / Mechanics of the new Fatal Frame (Wii U)

Fatal Frame fans have gone for years without receiving a new game in the series, but recent news about the new title of the Wii U are getting hotter and interesting. The Japanese magazine Famitsu published a few hours ago a lot of buzz about the game, and the folks at Beyond the Camera Lens took to translate and detail a bit more about the characters, scenarios and aspects of gameplay.

The first of the surprises is due to the new face. If you've seen the official cover and the announcement of the game, may have noticed a new girl with the protagonist Yuuri. According to the magazine, she comes to Hinasaki Miu, a girl looking for her mother who left when she was a child. Her name can even be confused with Miku Hinasaki, the protagonist of the first Fatal Frame, but for now no family involvement was confirmed.

Another key to the game character is Ren Hojo, a well known author and Yuuri going to the mountains in a survey for her new book. Other people are important to the plot, as Hisoka Kurosawa, the owner of the shop where the protagonist works, and Rui Kagamiya, assistant Ren.

There are three main places for players to explore: Mikomori Onsen, an abandoned and known by the ghosts that appear there home, Kurosawa Antiques, the shop where Yuuri works and lives, and a nameless forest marked by several suicides. Some of these scenarios are already known official images of the game - but not yet know how gruesome they may be.

Missions and gameplay

The folks at Beyond the Camera Lens also cited for major game mechanics details. Among them will be a way that will allow the player to go to the next chapter to fulfill a number of goals. Most of these missions involve search of people who venture into the mountains for different reasons, and the way you collect information to help in the search.

Yuuri, as planned, will have a supernatural power. By touching objects like hair or documents, she can see the past and people find them through that. She can also use this "sixth sense" to find secret ghosts.

To complement the magazine also says that the gamepad will assume a new role for gambling. Besides acting as the famous Camera Obscura, she will serve as a map to help players during exploration of places.

Fans of the soundtrack will also be relieved. Tsukiko Amano, who composed the soundtrack for every game in the series, will contribute a song, although the official theme belongs to newcomer Anju.

The new game in the Fatal Frame franchise, called Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko, will be released in Japanese land on September 27, exclusively for the Wii U. While the news seems increasingly "tasty", but still no news about the English version of the game. A pity, after all we already have eight great reasons to get carried away with the back of the ghosts.