GTA 5: Trigger your friends in online mode

GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA 5, allows users to use varied provocations in the form of gestures with the mere touch of a few buttons, but not all users know which buttons to press, its variations and how to configure which gestures are displayed. Check out how to adjust these provocations:

Selecting a Provocation

Step 1: Connect to the GTA 5 Online normally.

Step 2: Press Start to pause to go to the Online tab on the top menu and then select Options.

Step 3: Within the Options submenu go to Quickplay Action (On Foot) option.

Step 4: Press left or right to choose an action. There are several available, such as clapping sarcastically, making a "face palm" and to show the middle finger.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the gesture chosen, exit the menu and return to the game.

Using its Teasing

Step 6: To use the provocation simply press the two analog joystick in and it will be activated.

Step 7: Try a different variation of the gesture pressing both analog joystick into twice in a row quickly.

Step 8: Finally, it is possible to maintain the gesture for longer, keeping the analog pressed indefinitely.

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