Shooting Helicopters: Benny Benassi and Serj Tankian preview new single

While on hiatus with System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian is venturing into other music styles. The new venture is the musician's collaboration with DJ and producer Benny Benassi on the track "Shooting Helicopters".

According to the DJ, the project was under discussion for over a year and he was not sure if the singer would accept the invitation to participate in a music EDM, but once they met, meshed.

"The idea of bringing the vocal style of Serj for our musical environment was a real challenge," said Benassi to site. "Once Alle (producer) and I started to experience the music with vocals, I was immediately stuck in the atmosphere of the song, which is quite different from most things I hear at festivals I play and unlike anything I've done so far," completed.

Besides Benassi, the voice of "Chop Suey" will also feature in a track of the new album AVICII , currently in production.

"Shooting Helicopters" will be released in full soon. Check out the preview of the song below: