Swing Copters: 7 steps to improve your gameplay / achieve high score

When we thought there would be no more difficult than Flappy Birds game, behold Swing Copters is released. It is proof that even players with more skills can suffer at the hands of an insane title.

The game was a big hit here in my office and most personal (after many attempts) managed to score a maximum of two points. Yes, you did not misread, were only two points!

However, after a few hours play was possible to find some "tricks" that will be shared here, so you can improve your score. If you want to reach 10 points or more then read our tips below:

1 - Understand. This is an impossible game

Before you begin, you need to keep in mind that Swing have Copters insane difficulty doing Flappy Birds be child's play. So take it easy, because you need to play dozens (maybe hundreds) of times to get a reasonable score.

2 Find your rhythm

Copters Swing is a game in which you need to find a rhythm of play. Each time you touch the screen, change the direction of movement of your character. Thus, you need to perform rhythmic movements not to lose control. If you touch the screen wildly, get a move in the opposite direction of what you want.

3 - Ignore the hammers

The hammers swinging the scenario can not be avoided. The character is very unstable and you don’t have enough time to dodge the hammer, if you are going towards him. It is humanly impossible. So forget the hammers and just concentrate on going in the middle of the gap, because that is your main goal.

4 - Go through

If you can control the little guy from the middle of the opening, you don’t need or worry about the hammers. So stay focused on touching the screen and rhythmically remain exactly that location.

5 - Use two fingers

A great trick that helps the body and mind is to use two fingers to control: one for the left and one to right, assigning both to the change in direction. So when you play with your left finger, the character moves left and right when it comes, it goes right.

It will be difficult to get familiar with this scheme, if you are used to playing with one finger. However, with time, you will find that it make the control easier that way.

6 - Ringtones fast vs. slow touches

You may have more success with fast screen in Swing Copters touches, but this will only work if you use two fingers and not "skip" a beat on the screen. If not, you will not know in which direction the character will stop and lose your control.

In the beginning, you can start the game slowly pick up the tricks of the controls and then go faster and faster, until you find the perfect pace and keep it.

7 - Take breaks

After a few minutes, you can get really nervous about this game, and of course it does not help. So, take frequent breaks to calm down, because when you're nervous, gambling becomes even more difficult. Play only when you are calm and well rested.