The Forest: Assemble and Set Traps in the Survival game

The Forest is a game of terror and suspense for Windows. He brings in its composition elements of survival found in games like Don’t Starve and DayZ . Lost in a seemingly deserted island, the player must use survival skills to fend off cannibals. See this tutorial how to create traps to protect themselves and get rid of the terrible dangers of the forest.

The traps are an essential part of the survival techniques in The Forest. They can protect your camp cannibals and other mutants of the island. You can not activate them and not get stuck in them, making them very useful in times of escape. See the steps to place and build a trap:

Step 1: Press "B" to open the Survival Guide.

Step 2: Select the "Traps" tab with the types of shelters available, the icon that looks like a bear trap.

Step 3: Choose the trap and click the square "Click to place" that appears in the book. The menu will close for you to put in the place you want.

Step 4: Select the place and press "E" to put the shelter in place.

Now we need to build your trap. One tip is to put them in hidden places or to create barriers that mutants do not reach their camp. See below for models available traps and the type and amount of materials that need to terminate them:

Trap Type 
Material needed 
Dead Fall Trap 6 branches and tree trunks 2
Happy Birthday Trap 10 branches and 6 stones
Noose Trap 3 branches, 2 stones and 3 strings

Important: These materials can be collected in the forest. Branches, leaves and stones can be found on the floor. Already the tree trunks must be cut with the use of the ax. The strings are rare, found in caves. Remember that your character can get tired in the construction process and will need food and water to replenish your energies.

To build, simply collect all the materials and press "E" to go with one on one in their construction. If your character's inventory is full, do not worry. Put the materials you collected and make another trip. Its construction will remain in place until it is finalized.


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