Turn your PS4 Console into a Media Server

The PlayStation 4 was released in late 2013, but the media server functions that were part of the PS3 were removed from the new console. Now, we explain a way to bring back the ability to view videos and listen to music from your PC.

Show in a few steps how you can transform your PlayStation 4 into a true media center using a computer application and the power of HTML5 console.

Step 1 You need to install Plex on your computer. The application serves as a necessary bridge for you to access your files on the PlayStation 4. To download the app, click here.

Step 2 Create a free account in Plex. This is necessary so that you have easy access to your server through the game. 

Step 3 With Plex installed on your computer, open the Media Manager on your browser. This can be done through the address Then, enter the account you created on the service.

In the upper left corner, there is one area where you should include the type of media and the folders on your computer that may be accessed on the server. Click the + icon, choose whether the content is formed by movies, series, or pictures. Then choose one or more folders and proceed.

Thus, Plex will allow the media to be accessed from other devices. The program also seeks to automatically cover images for each of your movies, series or music albums.

Step 4 With everything ready on Plex installed on the PC, it's time to go to the PlayStation 4 Access the console’s Internet Browser and enter the following address: http: ///plex.tv/web/app .

Login will be prompted to proceed. If everything worked, you should see the following screen:

In the upper right corner, click "Launch". done, you should see the main screen of the PlayStation 4 Plex.

In theory, everything is ready. The player Plex works with HTML5, as well as the PS4 browser, allowing you to watch videos from your computer to the console. Only there is one more step for your experience to be perfect.

Step 5 In some cases, files can not be executed properly. To correct this problem, click the tools icon in the upper right corner of your screen, even in PS4.

In Settings, choose "Player" (or "Player"). Here, you can select the transmission speed of files according to your internet. Click "Show Advanced".

This will show you more options to choose from. Find the "Prefer AAC Audio" setting and check its corresponding box. Now, just select what you want to see and press play.