Xbox One: Learn to disable voice chat on Kinect

The Xbox One allows users to use the Kinect sensor and microphone in online conversations in both matches as Skype. Although useful, the function that is enabled by default can be somewhat indiscreet, since the powerful microphone reveals talks for other unknown.

Learn how to turn off the voice chat on Kinect.

Step 1: On the One Xbox menu, go to "Settings". This is possible using the format option in gear, or even by pressing Start and selecting the icon.

Step 2: In the settings menu, look for "Kinect". The option is represented by an icon with the design of the sensor (see photo). Press A to access it.

Step 3: Look for "Use the Kinect microphone to chat." If the option is still checked, uncheck it to disable the sensor.

Step 4: On the same screen you can also turn off the Kinect, if you are not making use of the sensor. This will disable all voice commands, capture audio and image. Note that some games may need the functions to work.

Okay, now capturing audio Kinect is off. Whenever you want to talk to a friend or players, you must plug the headset that came with the console to control, or else repeat this same process and enable voice chat for the sensor.