Xbox One: new update will let you post, share and comment on post

The Xbox One received an update that promoted great changes in the news feed of the console. Now, as in Facebook, you can make posts, comment on posts and even enjoy and share posts from your friends. Check out our tutorial below:

Step 1: From the Console main menu, select the profile bar on the left.

Step 2: In the "Activity Feed" window you can make posts text by clicking in the box with a "+".

Step 3: Enter text and press start to post.

Step 4: Your publication will appear at the top of the feed, where all your friends and followers can enjoy, comment and share.

Step 5: To interact with a publication of a friend, select it and press A to open.

Step 6: In the heart icon just click to enjoy the publication.

Step 7: To comment on a post, click the speech bubble icon to write.

Step 8: Type the text and press start to post. Your comment will be displayed just below the post.

Step 9: To share a post click the icon (see image).

Step 10: Select where to share the post. You can send it to your timeline, or message to another friend.

Step 11: You can still add a caption, or simply publish content by clicking the "Share this".