You can Run Wii, SNES and 64 games on Nintedo Wii U; learn how

The Wii U is the only console of the new generation with the ability to natively run games from its predecessor. Thus, the owners of the device can usually run Nintendo Wii games, which may even be played with the Wii Remote, also compatible with the console. Check out the tutorial.

Step 1: To play the Wii games on Wii U, you need a Wii Remote control, which must be synchronized with the device. Also remember to connect the sensor control that accompanies the Wii U.

Step 2: In the Console main menu, search for "Wii Menu" and run it.

Step 3: On this screen, select whether to play the picture just watching on TV, or on gamepad. Press the Wii Remote to proceed.

Step 4: You will be directed to one similar to the Nintendo Wii menu. After inserting the disc into the console, select it in the upper left corner of the screen to rotate.

Step 5: From there just play the game normally. Remember that games are only compatible with Wii Remotes, or used in the Original Wii controls. This means that you can not use the gamepad or Wii U Controller Pro.

Step 6: You can still run games downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel like arcade games or emulated versions of games from NES, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 For this, go to the main menu of the Wii and run the game.

Step 7: Those games only work using the Wii Classic Controller, which is directly connected to the Remote. After turning it on just play normally.