Alicia Keys star in Givenchy’s perfume Ad Divin Dahlia

Alicia Keys star in new commercial released by the designer Givenchy on last Friday (29), promoting the new perfume "Divin Dahlia" (features Sambac jasmine, mirabelle plum, white florals, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood).

The singer announced her partnership with the French brand earlier this year, and collaborated in the creation of the fragrance.

"I created a delicate and delightful fragrance, balancing colored and juicy notes, slightly reminiscent of childhood. Then I gave the fragrance more of a solar quality, to create a trail worthy of this radiant, remarkable muse," said François Demachy beautician on the voice of "Girl On Fire".

"Dhalia Divin" hits stores this month.

Check out the commercial below: