Andrés Muschietti to direct Shadow of the Colossus Film

It's been so long that Sony announced a film adventure video game Shadow of the Colossus that probably don’t even remember anymore. But the fact is, it seems, the project still exists - even if it has not yet advanced in its production.

Now the company announced that they will have a new director for the adaptation. Replacing Josh Trank (the director of "Fantastic Four"), with the Argentine Andrés Muschietti, known for his work in the horror film "Mama".

According to Polygon, the studio says Muschietti is a fan of the game and that he "has a strong vision for the film and its characters, and tries to translate the immersive gaming experience on a film that keeps the human story of a young man try to save his lost love to meet a seemingly impossible task ... the destruction of the colossi that roam the forbidden land. "Well, let's hope that the next big thing on the film does not take many years to appear.