Angry Birds Creator launches new game Pirates Plunder (iOS / Android / Windows)

If you were not living in a cave the last few years, should know Rovio, creator of the hit series Angry Birds. Not content to generate many millions of dollars in connection with the conflict between angry birds and green pigs products, the company decided to launch a new game for handsets called Pirates Plunder on Wednesday (17).

Heavily inspired by the game Clash of Clans, another big mobile systems game, Pirates Plunder offers the experience to build and develop your own pirate island system. As his team is evolving and gaining momentum, you can send your men to venture across the seas and then fight other players in search of their treasures.

Remove dust from your eye patch

The game takes place in a fully 3D world in which you can zoom in or zoom out the camera, and rotate freely scenario, the taste of the player. Just like in Clash of Clans, you can make upgrades in their characters, meet other people, to group with friends and chatting in guild chat in the game.

The look is very well maintained and combat units although they are easily related to the game of Supercell, squander good mood and have a personality. Humor, incidentally, is not lacking in pictures of disclosure and even in the trailer released to launch the application.

Despite being published by Rovio, the game was developed by British studio Midoki, who had the opportunity to rely on the support and the structure of the Finnish company to launch Pirates Plunder by Rovio Stars program.

The game is available for iOS only for now, but versions for Android devices and Windows Phone are planned for 2015. Pirates Plunder is free-to-play and has a system of in-game microtransactions.