Angry Birds Transformers: brings shots, action and robots

The developer Rovio Entertainment has just released the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming Shoot 'em up video game Angry Birds Transformers. The title brings a completely different mechanics from other installments in the series. Angry Birds Transformers will be released on October 15 for iOS devices and day 30 for Android devices.

This chapter in the series will invest more in the Transformers title, bringing a game of shooting where you need to destroy enemy bases in the scenario. Your Angry Bird, now transformed into a robot, you can also take the form of a car and accelerate the phase to advance your progress or escape danger.

The story puts the Angry Birds as Autobirds, parody of the Autobots, while the green pigs take on the role of Deceptihogs, in reference to the Decepticons. However, rather than confront, both must join forces to face a greater threat, the EggBots, eggs robots who are trying to dominate the island of the characters.

Check out the trailer below: