Dead Rising 3: learn to increase FPS on PC version

Dead Rising 3 has recently come to PCs, but many players have complained of limitation of 30 frames per second imposed by Capcom in the new version. Menus can not change the option, but the company has released a solution for players who insist on increasing the frames per second. Check out the tutorial.

Step 1: First you need to find the folder where the game was installed. A good suggestion is to search for the folder where the file "deadrising3.exe".

Step 2: In this folder, create a text file called "User.ini" (without the quotes) using Notepad.

Step 3: Open the file with Notepad and paste the following code: "gmpcr_unlock_frame_rate = True" (without the quotes).

Step 4: Save changes in the file and keep it in the same folder of the game.

Step 5: Now run the game normally. Depending on the power of your computer, the frame rate per second exceeds the home of 30 FPS with ease, and you can repair the animations more fluid performance of the game.

Note that, despite having released the code, Capcom recommends that players play with the frame rate locked at 30 FPS, since the game was designed to run well. The developer also warns about possible bugs or performance drop in the game.

In this case, simply delete the "User.ini" file that you created and go back to playing normally.

According to reports from players who have experienced the code, you need an extremely powerful machine to run the game in full HD (1080p) and with this solution for FPS released. If your computer does not run the game at max settings, it is not recommended even try to use this code.