In Flames venture into new music style on Siren Charms

In Flames- Siren Charms review: With its new release, In Flames take one step away from their Gothenburg sound, and into something of their own. Of course there are original riffs but the variation is huge. The classic approach of minimalist verse and bombastic choruses, like "Paralyzed" and the single "Rusted Nail", blended with wicked fast tunes like "Everything's gone," and 80's guitars has suddenly found its place and fits nicely in the power ballad "With Eyes Wide open ".

Snare drum is unfortunately so tightened that the most sound "ping" it, otherwise there is no production to complain about. Anders Fridén sings with a nice tear in his voice, both in the clean vocals and screams, there is feeling. Something not least shows in the opening track "In Plain View.

The album was recorded on the spot in the studio when time is not heard - creativity has flowed. However, the album is a bit fragmented at the primary listening area. But the common thread is there, a musical matter of course that does not apologize for itself, from a band that refuses to settle for making the same album repeatedly.

Just change the will is something that In Flames has been criticized for since they established themselves as a big band in the late 90s. Therefore, it is nice to hear that they develop their music in the direction of their own. It will be harmonic sing, and it will become top chart positions, the Flames know what they are doing.

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