Listen to James Blunt’s new song When I Find Love Again

Singer James Blunt released via SoundCloud his new song entitled "When I Find Love Again".

The track will be included on the re-launch of his latest album, "Moon Landing", entitled "Moon Landing-Apollo Edition". The new edition of the album will bring five new songs, they are, "Smoke Signals", "Breathe", "Trail of Broken Hearts", "Working It Out" and " When I Find Love Again " 

The material will also include a DVD with music videos and live performances of the musician. The album hits the market on November 4 while the new single will be available on iTunes from October 3.

Listen to "When I Find Love Again" below:

Check out the tracklist

01. Smoke Signals
02. When I Find Love Again
03. Face the Sun
04. Satellites
05. Bonfire Heart
06. Heart to Heart
07. Miss America
08. The Only One
09. Sun On Sunday
10 Bones
11 Always Hate Me
12 Postcards
13 Blue On Blue
14 Telephone
15 Kiss This Love Goodbye
16 Hollywood
17 Breathe
18 Trail of Broken Hearts
Working It Out 19
20 Intro / Face the Sun (live from Paleo) - Video
21 Satellites (live from Paleo) - Video
22 Postcards (live from Paleo) - Video
23 Cuz I Love You (live from Paleo) - Video
24 Same Mistake (live from Paleo) - Video
25 Bonfire Heart (live from Paleo) - Video
26 Bonfire Heart - clip
27 Postcards - clip
28 Heart to Heart - clip