Nicole Scherzinger announces tracklist for new album Big Fat Lie

Nicole Scherzinger announced today (16) the official tracklist for her new album, without revealing the title or release date for the material in her social networks.

The singer posted a crossword with words track titles, and beside it, a series of tips formed by emoticons.

Without indicating whether there will be collaborations, the material consists of 11 songs, including the singles "Your Love" and "On The Rocks", other than the promotional "Run".

Check out the tracklist for Nicole Scherzinger’s new album

1 "Your Love"
2 "Electric Blue"
3 "On The Rocks"
4 "Heartbreaker"
5 "God Of War"
6 "Diamond Girl With A Heart"
7 "Just A Girl"
8 "First Time"
9 "Bang"
10 "Big Fat Lie"
11 "Run"