Android: 11 Most Visually Stunning Games - 2014

Nowadays, you no longer need a PC or a powered console of last generation to find games with realistic visuals and complex textures.

Already there are several Android developers specialized in making games from various genres able to make your jaw drop the most demanding gamers, thanks to increasingly powerful hardware and architectures that facilitate the creation of titles. And best of all? Several of them are free! However, a tablet or smartphone relatively modern and powerful to run several of them and a lot of free memory to support all at the same time is necessary.

If your device is another, rest assured: some of them are also available for other mobile platforms. Below you can see a list - and some arguments about why they are so special.

RoboCop (Free - Android 2.3+)

In Robocop game, which is third-person and divided into phases, you need to find cover to escape the bullets of the enemies and shoot bullets on time. The graphics of the scenarios, and the enemies of RoboCop itself were very well suited for the remake of the film are impressive and full of great details and textures of metal.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Android 4.0+)

Already quite famous in the games world, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game that finally brings together characters from DC Comics. You can choose from Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many other heroes and villains fighting each other in epic battles. How could it be in the overproduction of Warner Bros., the game animations are excellent, especially the effects of the blows, special or not. Interactive scenarios are also very beautiful and different from each other. The detailed appearance of the fighters deserve mention: watching the screen of your device, you even believe they actually exist.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Android 4.0+)

Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Gameloft, is the latest chapter in a very revered franchise on Android - and just play anyone to know that this is true. Here, you walk through cities around the world, from Tokyo to Venice, all well acclimated in the game. All this happens while you trade shots at a frantic pace with enemies. Blood, bullets and even the clothing of enemies appear on screen in a very realistic way. But be warned: the maximum graphics performance is only tapped into more modern appliances.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free - Android 2.3+)

Prepared to step on in stunning and powerful clues that seem real? In Asphalt 8: Airborne, careless drivers enjoy the maximum of this graphics racing game. The title faithfully reproduces the damage to vehicles, complete with dents and dirt particles. A high number of cars and the various scenarios are also well-made. Another quality of the game is to reproduce the atmosphere of a race, simulating very well the feeling of speed.

The Walking Dead: Season Two (Free - Episode 1 - Android 2.3.3+)

If you played the first season or the second version for consoles, will not be disappointed with the mobile. The Walking Dead: Season Two continuing saga of Clementine shows the same animated look of the previous chapter and this is excellent news. The characters are well designed, with amazing facial expressions, and scenarios translate well to the climate apocalypse on Earth. Already zombies are really scary and disgusting, as if from the best movies of this style.

Riptide GP2 (Android 2.3+)

Effects of moving water are some of the more difficult to make with quality. Therefore it is necessary to recognize and praise when a game like Riptide GP2 displays such an intense visual. In this racing game from jet-skis, the scenarios range from futuristic cities and the middle of the jungle, all equally beautiful. Also palms for vehicles, a more stylish than the other.

Dead Trigger 2 (Free - Android 4.0+)

Adrenaline, tension, scares and many other feelings worthy of an action movie and horror. It's this that you will feel at Dead Trigger 2, a video game released in late 2013 who still has cutting edge graphics. Various details that do not exist in some titles for PC and consoles are present in this FPS zombie as realistic reflections on water balance and vegetation dynamic movements of the undead.

Spider-Man Unlimited (Free - Android 4.0+)

Spider-Man Unlimited shows the Friendly Neighbourhood on a modern stage. Traces closely resemble a comic book, but are not distant 3D cartoon involving the Marvel character. The superhero was very well designed, enemies are faithful and scenery that changes constantly under the frenetic pace of the title, is detailed and full of Easter-eggs. These unique graphics contribute enough for the game is praised both by readers and by those who have never touched in a comic book.

Leo's Fortune (Android 4.0.3+)

At first glance, Leo's Fortune looks like any other game of the Android platform. But stop for a moment to admire the landscape: there is an absurd whim with details of scenery, lighting the movement of shadows - not to mention the maps seem emerging from a framework of truth. Even the texture of the protagonist is impressive.

Eternity Warrior 3 (Free - Android 2.1+)

Eternity Warriors 3 is a great game for you to kill the longing for RPGs, it brings warriors very well equipped to face a number of creatures of darkness. The graphics are not the most polished among the games on this list, but the animations are great quality and some effects are to behold, especially when there are several different elements on the screen.

EPOCH.2 (Android 4.1+)

The Unreal Engine 3 can not be more graphic apex on mobile devices, but it's enough to bring visual quality. The 3D EPOCH.2 robots, for instance, are a masterpiece. The frenetic combat becomes even more beautiful with dynamic animations and effects shots and impact full explosions. The characters are rich in detail and the set of all that is the envy of huge headline there.