Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: Create / Delete Characters

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel features four playable characters, each with different appearance, skills and weapons. If you want to test your skills, you can start a campaign at any time with a new character. Check out this tutorial.

Step 1: From the main menu, select "New Game" to start a new campaign. It is not necessary to worry about the progress of any other character you already have;

Step 2: Select the class of the new character that you want to create. But don't forget that it is impossible to change the class later;

Step 3: However, you can still change the color of the character’s costumes. For this, several skins are available;

Step 4: All characters have some face options model including haircuts, beards and customized accessories;

Step 5: Now, just start the game normally. The campaign will start from scratch, without the possibility to continue progress with another character. If you want to use another character, simply choose it from the menu "Select Character";

Step 6: If you want to get rid of a character, you can delete it from the HD and thus free up space. To do this, go to the main menu and click "Select Character";

Step 7: Select the character you want to delete and press Select to delete it. All progress achieved items in campaign will also be removed;

Step 8: If you want to actually delete a character, click "Yes" and finish the process.