FIFA 15: Create your Own / Custom Player

Fifa 15 allows users to create custom players that can be used for both modes (Pro Clubs and Career), like on your favorite teams in offline contention matches, or online friendlies. Not yet created your virtual athlete in Fifa 15 ? Check out the tutorial.

Step 1: From the main game menu, go to "Customize" tab and select "Create Player", located on the lower left corner of the screen.

Step 2: First name give to the player. Press A / X and type.

Step 3: You will also have access to a large list of spoken names, which will be told by the narrator during the match. Look for your name, play the prior choice.

Step 4: After that, select the nationality of the player. this will affect the fate of the player if you start a new career, since he will be summoned by selecting your country.

Step 5: Now select the team player. It will be available in the squad for matches offline and online games against friends.

Step 6: Press the trigger to the right and edit height, weight and physical attributes in general, such as skin color, face shape and hairstyle.

Step 7: In the "Accessories" tab to select a boot, style of shirt and other equipment such as bands and gloves for the athlete.

Step 8: Now edit the player's abilities. Select categories and drag the bar to improve or worse. Also gives to skip this phase and leave the player with the suggested attributes.

Step 9: Finally, press Start to exit and select "Apply and exit" to finish and save the player.