Fifa 15: Unlock classic kits/uniforms, football boots and other items

Fifa 15 has a nice variety of unlockable items, such as new football boots, balls and even classic uniforms of major teams. They can be achieved using the FCCs, game currency that functions as a kind of XP achieved in matches. Check out the tutorial.

Step 1

In the game's main menu, select "Catalog".

Step 2

In this screen, the available items are listed by category. They require that the player has achieved a certain level in the game so you can buy them, and they cost different amounts.

Step 3

in "Gampelay" tab, the items that can be used directly in the game, such as football boots and balls are available. To buy one, position the cursor over it and press A / X.

Step 4

Click "Redeem Now" to purchase the item. The coins will be debited from your account immediately, and the item will be ready for use. In the case of football boots, simply access the Edit menu for players to use them in your favorite athlete.

Step 5

In the same category, there are still different celebrations, tribute to real stars, and classics uniform kits, which honor older versions of uniforms of the big teams in football world.

Step 6

In the Ultimate Team, players will find a variety of good items dedicated to game mode, as rare contracts, items that increase the list of downloads and bonus coins.

Step 7

In "Online" to ensure extra items for the "Seasons", improvements to the athletes' Pro Clubs "and other bonuses related to the multiplayer modes of the game.

Step 8

In the tab "Career" options are available for fans of the career mode of the game. Since Scouts smarter until extra money from investors, or simply dribbling best for your player.