Hyrule Warriors: Improve Character Skills

Hyrule Warriors is the spin-off series The Legend of Zelda released for the Wii U. Borrowing elements from the series Dynasty Warriors, the game allows the player to control various characters from the series, including the protagonist Link. Have you figured out what your favorite character and want to improve its skills?

Check out our guide below:

Step 1: In the game menu, before entering one of the phases, press "+" to access the bazaar.

Step 2: On this screen, choose which of the characters you want to improve.

Step 3: Now select the "Market Badge" option. It will be available several improvements, such as new combos, skills and advantages.

Step 4: The skills are separated by offense, defense and support. In the right window you can see how many skills can be unlocked.

Step 5: After selecting the category, position the cursor over the available ability to check your description. The right side of the screen you will find data such as price (in Rupees), materials needed and the skill effects.

Step 6: Press A and confirm "Yes" to unlock a skill. It will be available immediately to the character.

Step 7: When you unlock a skill, usually several others are available. Check out the materials needed and the cost and improve your character as much as possible, to facilitate their missions in the game.