Natural Doctrine (PS4) all missions / collectibles guide

Natural Doctrine walkthrough: it is a Tactical RPG video game developed and published by Kadokawa Games for Sony consoles offering checkered battles and takes place in a medieval fantasy world. In this complete walkthrough, you will find tips to understand the combat system, but also help to complete the various missions.

Table of contents

Tips to start
01 - Pisces Goblin Mine
02 - Serpens Goblin Mine
03 - Feste Castle Gate
04 - Niel River Bridge
05 - Back to Serpens Goblin Mine
06 - Ancient Ruins Asyut
07 - Tourmes Ruins
08 - Orc Camp
09 - Ursa Goblin Mine
10 - Back to Orc Camp
11 - Giza Battlefield
12 - Death Gorge
13 - Deserted Mine
14 - Sodom Labyrinth
15 - Corridor of the Beast
16 - Undying King's Secret
17 - Ishmael Swamp
18 - Asvan Temple Gate
19 - Asvan Temple
20 - Flowing Water Mine
21 - Back to Asvan Temple
22 - Back to Feste Gate
23 - Dragon's Cemetery
24 - Northern Cave
25 - Ancient Sanctuary
26 - Back to the Northern Cave
27 - Back to Dragon's Graveyard
28 - Feste Forteress
29 - Gorian Lair (East)
30 - Gorian Lair (West)
31 - Before the Queen

Tips to start

The importance of tutorials:
The game is a tactical RPG with a particular system of combat, it's essential to understand if you want to survive in combat. The game features a first who speak in its entirety, but you will have the opportunity to make four to deepen your knowledge.

Management characters:
The only time you have the opportunity to manage the equipment and skills of your fighters is when you are on the map between missions. It is therefore important to take the time to take care of them, because it will be impossible to do once you're part in combat.


The basics of the combat system:

Collectible Items:

1 Long Sword

Once you start your game, you have to finish first tutorial that will teach you the basics of the combat system. Once you have control of Geoff, go to Vasily with the left joystick. Then use the right stick for defining a target and move the cursor to the Goblin Miner At the other side of the arch. You will then have to confirm the order to attack with the X button, which will let you take control of Vasily. At this time you will learn the mechanics of the first battle system, the "Tactical Link".

By attacking the same enemy to both fighters, a link appears between them. One displayed between Geoff and Vasily, increases their attacks by 16%. All that remains is for you to confirm the order linking attack and observe its devastating effect on the Goblin. Because you just eliminate all enemies in the adjacent box, your fighters advancing on it to take control. When the discussion between the different characters is over, you take control of Zekelinde you'll have to get on the box next to the group Goblin.

Repeatedly press the Triangle button to select the Goblin Miner C, then confirm the order to attack to get in control of Geoff. By pushing forward on the same box as Zekelinde you will see that Geoff will target the same enemy as one. You will also find a "Touch Link" appeared between the two, allowing them to increase their attack power. Geoff then move into the box without leaving its boundaries, to see that the percentage increase or decrease depending on your position. This is one of the first intricacies of the combat system. Once you have defined the best location for Geoff, confirm the order to attack and repeat the same operation with Vasily.

If you are not satisfied with the placement of your fighters, know that you can go back by pressing O. Once you find that the strategy looks good, validating the order to attack with X and watch your team eliminate three Goblins. A new type of fighter will then make its appearance; it is the beautiful Anka who is an expert in ranged combat. Once you take control, select the weapon "Blast Charge" and throw one onto the nearby wall to destroy it. And you will unlock access to the second part of the tutorial, you will learn more about the principle of "Initiative". This is represented by the list of icons that appear at the top of the screen that lets you know the order to attack allies and enemies.

Geoff then moves the box that appeared on the other side of the wall and asks them to use the "Guard" in the selection bar. This will then trigger a "Link Turn" allowing Anka attack, taking the lead on the turn of the Goblin Sentry H. This is yet another of the intricacies of the combat system, he'll have to master in order to have a chance to survive. For this to work, it is necessary that the fighters are in the same box or a maximum neighboring field. Then ask Anka target one enemy and pull on it to get in control of Vasily.

From that point, you will have access to all the controls and you'll have no indication to progress. We must therefore apply the different techniques you've learned to get rid of the last Goblins. Once you've finished cleaning, a scene will start. When you finally regain control of one of your fighters, ask him to open the chest to get 1 Long Sword.

Strengthen your defense:
Geoff first move on the yellow circle and tell him to use the "Improved Guard" technique. Then ask Zekelinde, Vasily and Anka placing themselves in "Reserve" and confirm orders you gave. You will then find that the placement of Geoff over its allies, does not allow him to cover them well with his guard. The mission will then reset to show you how to place the combatants. Follow the instructions on the screen and place Anka 'Reserve' behind Geoff.

This does two things, protect Anka all enemy attacks and offer the possibility of cons-attack with his gun. We must therefore think carefully when you place your different fighters, as it is a key that will allow you to win fights.

Maximize your "Tactical Links"
Place firstly Geoff on the yellow circle in the next box and select the Goblin Sentry Y as a target. You then have to change their equipment so that it takes the gun and ask him to use the technique "Power Shoot". When you take control of Zekelinde and Vasily tell their placing themselves in "Reserve", then move to the yellow circle Anka. You will see a line "Tactical Link" is formed between it and Geoff found in the adjacent box. Only fighters who use ranged attacks, have the ability to hit targets that are 2 boxes of them.

Next Initiative:
Start by targeting the Goblin Gunner V which is at the bottom of the gallery and look where turn is in the "Initiative" bar. You will see then that it is the enemy that must be just after Geoff and it is very wise to eliminate first. Then move the yellow circle when the game prompts you, then tell Zekelinde and Vasily to remain in "Reserve". Once you have control Anka, place the yellow circle and press the attack order to see the result of the "Initiative Link" strategy. This will allow you to keep the hand in the next round, eliminating the enemy who had to act after Geoff. When you go to command Zekelinde, you have to replicate the same strategy on the Orc Warrior B. Move the yellow circle to the next box and select the "Warrior Whirlwind" technique.

Then ask Geoff to use the "Power Shot" technique on the same enemy, place Vasily in "Reserve" and take Anka made ?? from the yellow circle. When admire the destructive power of a well used linking attack, which ends this new tutorial. The objective of this strategy is to always keep the initiative from the enemy, but depending on the situation will be more or less easy to apply.

Doors open:
As the game shown at the beginning of this tutorial, we must always be placed before opening a door, as there often has enemies behind it. Move firstly Geoff on the yellow circle and target the door to ask her to open. The latter is by far the most capable fighter in the open, because it will always have the initiative and has a shield to protect him. You can also place it in front of an ally who would be on the box of the door, so it is protected by the shield of Geoff. Since Zekelinde was placed under "Reserve" in the previous round, you keep the initiative offering you the opportunity to attack. Bring it to the yellow circle near the door and ask to use the technique "All-Out Attack".

Geoff then move to the specified location and equip his weapon away to use the "Power Shot" also on the Orc Warrior B. Vasily Place in 'Reserve' and bring the circle to Anka complete training. Looking at the bar Initiative at the top of the screen you can see two important things. This strategy eliminate the action of the next round and keep Vasily enemy to try to destroy the next move of the enemy. Validate this strategy to get rid of the Orc Warrior B, then move to the next Vasily yellow circle. Locate the line initiative which is the next enemy to act after it and ask them to prepare for the attack to create a new "Link Initiative." This will allow other fighters to act in turn to create a formidable attack strategy that will destroy the last Goblins.

Pisces - Goblin Mine

Collectible Items:

1 Strength Brass Ring
1 Feste Shield +1

When you enter the first mine of the game you will be asked to do other tutorials on the combat system. It is strongly recommended to finish if you want a chance to survive, you will find all the information about them in the Tutorial section. First go in the gallery of the mine, applying the strategies you have learned. Be careful not to be overwhelmed by enemies and don’t hesitate to use special techniques to clean. When you arrive at the railway head to the right to collect 1 Strength Brass Ring in the first box. Eliminate the last group of enemies that protects access to the door to activate the option to leave the mission.

You can now complete the mission, moving all the fighters on the green boxes. But then you miss the opportunity to get their hands on the contents of safe and gain some experience by eliminating alive Goblins. Pull the lever in the dead end close to the door to unlock access to a hidden gallery. 3 Goblins await you inside it, and a powerful Troll locked in a cage. It is not advisable to go for the deal now, because it is too powerful for your team.

However, you can take care of 3 Goblins to gain experience, then go open the door to go to another room. The placement of enemies inside of it being the same as in the tutorial, simply reproduce the same strategy to eliminate them. Once you've finished cleaning, pull the lever to reveal another chest. When you have collected 1 Feste Shield one inside of it, another group of 4 Goblins appear at the entrance of the mine. All that remains for you to move your fighters up to them to eliminate them to complete the mission.

Serpens - Goblin Mine

Collectible Items:

1 Arcane Defense Ring
1 Short Sword +1

You will not encounter any enemy in the first section of the mine, so take your fighters advance to the door. The latter is locked, you'll need the Anka's skills to open. It is not less than 7 Goblins that await you on the other side, so we will have to eliminate them in the right order to keep the initiative. Once you got rid of all these people, a cinematic transition starts. Once your fighters have finished discussing, ask Anka to pick the lock of the trunk to collect 1 Arcane Defense Ring. By inspecting the room you will find that there is no other exit, but if you look around the dead end you will see a slab on grade.

Place one of your top fighters to unlock access to another gallery, which is protected by several Goblins groups. Way up to the box that is at the top of the slope and ask one of your characters to recover 1 Short Sword +1 in the trunk of the adjacent box. Then continue to move forward in the gallery eliminating Goblins, to reach the last area where a scene will start. A new type of creature will then make its appearance and your new goal will be to flee for their lives.

Your opponents will not move immediately because larvae must first finish their meal. So enjoy it to start leaking immediately and do not attack them especially if they begin to pursue you. Now that you understand a little better the combat system, use the method of "Initiative Link" to quickly move your fighters. Also remember to put some of them in "Reserve" when necessary to increase the number of your action rounds. Creatures can spit acid to reach you at a distance, so it is important to take advantage of natural hedges to avoid being hit. Continue to feed your fighters up to Zekelinde that closes the passage, blocking the progression of the creatures which ends the mission.

Feste Castle Gate

Collectible Items:


For this first battle that took place outside, you have to face a new enemy type Orcs. These have a strength and well above the Goblins resistance, so we will have to use your best techniques to deal with them. Start by moving your fighters toward the enemy, until the Allied soldiers Feste got hacked by Orcs. Once the transition is complete kinematics, take your progress to reach the Feste Soldier (M). Join forces to confront the Orcs that are in front of the castle, through the judicious use everyone's skills and thus complete the mission.

Niel River Bridge

Subject to recover:

1 Aciduric Ring
1 Zweihander + 1

Arriving on the shore of Niel, you will see a man who is chased by Soldiers of Feste and asks you to help him. Advance your fighters to him to trigger a transition kinematics. A After the presentations, you will have eliminate Feste soldiers to protect Nebula. It will not be possible to control at first, but once the first group of enemies eliminated, it will join your team. Cover it so interposing Geoff with his shield between him and the enemy so that it can survive the first group of enemies.

After finally recruited in your team, you finally have the opportunity to treat veterans with its magic. But that's not all, because it uses magic to attack enemies and this is really powerful. Looking at the other side of the river below the bridge, you will see a chest containing one Aciduric Ring. The latter being a bit away from the area of ​​confrontation, remember to go get it before having eliminated all enemies. There is also a second chest that contains 1 Zweihander one next to the bridge, it will open thanks to the talents of crocheter of Anka. The second group of Soldiers Feste should not cause you too much trouble, if you eliminate them in order to always keep the initiative.

Back to Serpens Goblin Mine

Subject to recover:


Warning: It is advisable to take advantage of the large number of fighters in your team, to visit the mines open before this mission. This will allow you to retrieve new equipment and raise levels to your characters. Because once the mission is complete, your group will be reduced to three fighters for the next 4 main tasks, which can be problematic if they are too low.

Now that you have recovered an ally capable of caring team, our heroes decide to return to the mine where they had met creatures. The latter having been emptied of all threats Goblin during your first pass, you simply move to the bottom of it. Realizing that they will not measure up to the threat, the team decided to turn back to escape the mine. You will then eliminate Gorian Larva that blocks the passage in order to reach the mobile wall where you expect Vasily. Once the cutscene ends, you will have no choice but to cross the door of the room to survive, thus ending the mission.

Ancient Ruins Asyut

Subject to recover:


Stopping in this place to take stock of the situation, your team will be attacked by two soldiers Feste groups come to kill Nebula. Even if you've only got three fighters for this mission, you will have no difficulty to overcome enemies. Use Geoff and his shield to cover Anka who can against-attack with his gun and treat the group as needed Nebula. Remember that it has the powerful magic attack "Pluto Arrow", which will allow you to easily get rid of the second group of soldiers. 

Tourmes Ruins

Subject to recover:

1 Ring of Frailty
1 1 Hunting Rifle

You start in a small area with no visible way out, so we'll have to create with the technique "Blast Charge" of Anka. A cinematic will then begin, during which you will see a fighter is in trouble below your position. Your goal will be to get off to join, to help survive the onslaught of Golbins. The best strategy is to let Anka top of the stairs, so that it can cover the fighting time Geoff has joined the.

There are two chests to empty their contents into the two rooms that are on the first and second level where you will spend during your descent. The problem is that if you do not get off fast enough to help the fighting, it will eventually be killed by goblins. Conversely if you hurry to join, you can not retrieve the contents of the boxes. The technique is to leave alive Goblin Gunner F of the first room and place Nebula near the trunk therein. Meanwhile Geoff scroll down to the second room, for it eliminates both Goblins who protect.

You can recover 1 Ring of Frailty and 1 +1 Hunting Rifle contained coffers, while covering the fighting with Anka. Once you have got hold of the two objects, simply kill the Goblin Gunner F to start the second part of the confrontation. During this, Geoff has joined the fighting in the lower area and help eliminate Goblins reinforcements will to eliminate. Then continue to cover the fighting Geoff and using ranged attacks of Anka and, if necessary, bring it up Nebula for support. Using the strategy to prevent the enemies to have the initiative, you will have no problem to overcome the last Goblins.

Orc Camp

Subject to recover:


This mission is a bit special because of its development, because you do not have to attack the Orcs. Moreover, it is useless to try to eliminate them, since you will be immediately killed by them. The objective is to move towards the Orc leader who is in the North, for a hearing with the latter. As soon as you walked through the door that leads to the throne room, it will close behind you and Orc Warrior 2 will put across your path. For the Chief Orc leaves you to talk to him, you will have no choice but to get rid of his henchmen. Use the most powerful attacks Geoff and Anka on Orc Warrior Nebula M and ask to stay "Reserve". So you can easily get around the first Orc and get rid of the second before he had the initiative.

Ursa Goblin Mine

Subject to recover:


Inside the first room of this mine, you will see three closed doors. The right one will take you to a chest protected by Goblins 3, the left leads to a room filled with Goblins and Orcs accompanied by 2 safe. If you step inside it, there is a good chance that you do by killing many enemies. Similarly if you are going to empty the contents of the safe in the room on the right, you will trigger a trap to alert the enemies that are in the left room. It is therefore not advisable to try to get in at the moment, but you can come back later when your group will become more powerful. It'll therefore only one door through which pass, which is located north of the first room. It's the other side that you expect your mission objective, the huge Aslan's Axe Batttle you'll have to take. If you look more closely at the floor of the first room, you would find many slabs. Be very careful not to run one of your fighters on one of them, as this will alert the group of enemies of room left.

Once you've arrived at the door that leads to the ax, use the talents of Anka so she cares for unlock. 2 Goblins in the vicinity of a lever, waiting for you to firm up on the other side. Get rid of these, but please do not touch the lever, as this will also alert the group of enemies of room left. Progress on the way up the ax and interact with it to get it back. Then turn back to direct you to the output of the mine. Unfortunately for you, a group of Gorian will begin to pursue you, so you'll have to be careful browsing to it.

Move by using the natural hedge that offers rock until your fighters enter the first room. You then have the choice to get around the center hole to the left or right in order to reach the exit from the mine to the other side. Moving your various characters asking several laps, 2 Gorian arrive to follow you into the first room. It is imperative that you eliminate the Gorain Larva soon as she enters, otherwise it will work on one of the slabs and alert the enemies of room left.

Back to Orc Camp

Subject to recover:

1 Seraph Angel Sword

Note: It is advisable to have reached at least level 7 and 9 Geoff Anka before you embark on this mission. Because you will be forced to continue with another main mission and therefore can not access the open mines to make leveling.

As for your first visit to the camp of the Orcs, advance to the throne room to put the Aslan's Axe Batttle the chief. Unfortunately for you, it does not keep his word and try to eliminate your team. To get out alive of this confrontation, you have to rely on luck, because the enemies are more powerful than you. If you have difficulty to overcome, you can also return to the mines to make leveling. Ask three fighters to use their most powerful attacks on Orc Warrior Chief K and cross your fingers that it dies.

If you are unable to eliminate from the first attack, it may well not to miss you, which you will of course lose the fight. Luckily for you, a checkpoint is created at the beginning of the confrontation, so you can try your luck as many times as you like. You can also try using the skill "Improved Guard" Geoff and let your teammates attack the Orc Warrior Chief K remotely. Even if you increase your chances of survival by protecting you, the boss can be very successful to hit and kill you.

Whatever strategy you choose to use when you killed the chief and two Orcs, a new enemy will appear. This is Aslan himself, leaving you the choice to confront or flee the fighting. The latter have 10,992 points, you will have no choice but to take your legs to your neck, if you want to stay alive. He will then call you to tell you he likes you and decide to let Tatyana join you. It will also offer you 1 Seraph Angel Sword contained in a chest will appear right in front of Aslan in the combat zone. It'll then have to move your fighters on the green boxes, to leave the Orc camp and end the mission.

Giza Battlefield

Subject to recover:


The objective of this mission is simple, survive two waves of Feste soldiers without killing Erna will come in the second. At the bottom of the slope that lies to the north of your starting position, you will see a crank next to a sliding door. This will allow you to lock access to your sector, which will offer a net benefit to the overall mission. You will need to interact with the crank three times to completely close the door, so we will have to be well organized to do it quickly. Start by asking Geoff to interact with it and put Anka behind him against the rock wall.

Ask it to use its jurisdiction "Rousing Support" to regain control of Geoff that he protects himself with "Improved Guard." Move Nebula near Anka and tell Tatyana to get in "Reserve". When the turn of the enemy ends, Tatyana move to the door and ask them to interact with the crank. Another enemy will then move on the battlefield, then you will permanently close the door with Geoff.

Now that this access is locked, the soldiers will be forced to borrow the slope that passes below your position. He will remain for you to position yourself at the edge of the road and use your ranged attacks to eliminate them easily. Of course the Feste Gunner (M) can also reach you with their gun, so you are not totally immune from taking damage. If this were to happen to you, use your healing potions or skill "Wound Recovery" to restore Nebula fighters hit points.

Death Gorge

Subject to recover:

1 2 Skeleton Shield
1 Divine Ring of Vitality

Start by advancing your fighters along the slope to group the box above the wooden staircase. Expect it to be Geoff's turn to play and make it down the stairs to wake several Skeleton. Get rid of them in the right order so that they can not act, using technology to your advantage the "Link Initiative". Then retrieve one Skeleton Shield 2 in the trunk that is in the room, then put all your fighters except Geoff before the portcullis in the northeast corner.

Make him down Southeast stairs to get 1 Divine Ring of Vitality in the trunk and tell him to interact with the lever in the next round. Erna and Mel Feste accompanied by several soldiers will then make their apparitions and will start to chase you to catch you. Your new goal will be to flee the area without being killed without killing Erna, Mel and his Golem. As soon as you cross the threshold of the harrow is now lifted, several Skeleton rise to block your way. Get rid of them to reach the green box on the other side of the bridge, which will trigger the flight of the group in its entirety.

Deserted Mine

Subject to recover:

1 1 Big One
1 Dragon Killer Ring

Start by Geoff advance to the third box to trigger a cut-scene where you will see Skeleton recover. Depending on the position where is the first of them to take the initiative, it is advisable to fold and place your fighters to "Reserve". If it is on deck or in front of the portcullis in the northwest of the mine, it will be impossible to reach to prevent them from having the initiative. Get rid of them by applying the technique of "Link Initiative" and eliminating enemies in the right order so that they can not attack. The game will then invite you to leave the mine where you came in, but do not follow this indication and instead bring your fighters before the portcullis. You will see five tiles marked with a cross on the ground, on which you will place your five characters to open access to the cell. 

A chest containing one big one and one inert Golem await you inside, ask Anka examine it so that it reactivates. When the transition cutscene ends, advance one of your fighters on the deck to start a new one. Mel with her ​​Golem Stein will make its appearance and offer a duel to see who has the best Golem. If Anka has the skill "Rogue Support", tell him to use it to boost your attack power Golem Aizen. The latter being controlled automatically by the game, it will advance to the Golem Mel to attack. Note that you can also ask Anka directly attack the golem enemy, but yours does not have a turn allowing him to attack. It is therefore more useful to strengthen with the skills and support to let him do as he likes to attack the Golem that Mel.

It will not withstand the onslaught of your Golem, which will end the duel and you will recruit Mel and the Golem Aizen. Repeat cross the bridge to your different fighters and ask Mel to hit the Drawbridge its new Golem. And you will free the passage to the right exit of the mine, but you will first eliminate several Skeleton for access. Prefer ranged combat at first, to get rid of the main body safely. Once you have finished to clean up the area, consider retrieving 1 Dragon Killer Ring in the trunk on the left before leaving the mine.

Sodom Labyrinth

Subject to recover:

    1 Goblin Rifle 2
    1 Aciduric Ring 

Ask first at Anka destroy the weakened wall to the southeast of the room, then made ​​to enter one of your fighters in the hallway. Once the transition cutscene ends, your goal will be to eliminate the Skeleton quickly (F) B insight into the cut-scene. Focus your attacks on enemies that separate you from him, so close 

enough to get rid of. A new wave of Skeleton will then make its appearance in the hall. The best strategy to survive it is to stay in the starting area, in order to let the enemy come to you.

Start by getting rid of remaining enemies on the right, then use the Golem Aizen to block the advance of new Skeleton. Then place your shooters on the right side at the second wall fragile, so take the enemy in a pincer movement when they are rushing into the corridor. Continue to get rid of the main body by using this method, then progress to the north by eliminating the last remaining enemies. Before destroying the fragile wall that leads to the exit of the maze, do not forget to get one Dragon Killer Ring in the trunk on the left. Also remember to ask Anka take 1 Devil Sword 1 in the second trunk, which is located in the southeast corner of the room with the green boxes. 

Corridor of the Beast

Subject to recover:

    1 Dragon Killer Ring
    1 Devil Sword +1 

This mission is a bit special by its conduct and the fight you're going to carry it. You will be pursued by the dreaded Minotaur throughout the confrontation, it will be better to focus on ranged attacks. As soon as it destroyed the first wall weakened at the beginning of the fight, ask Geoff to shoot him through the wall opening. Move Zekelinde the box left before another weakened wall, then ask him to pass his turn and put the other participants 'Reserve'. Let Anka on the space where it is and tell him to use his skill "Roussing Support," then ask Geoff to pull back on the Minotaur.

Put all the other fighters in "Reserve", except Mel and Aizen need to move on the same square as Zekelinde. In the next round, ask Nebula using "Pluto Arrow" from the same box as Geoff, then tell it and Anka also shoot the enemy. Tell Tatyana to get in "Reserve" for this round of action, then validate this strategy to hurt again Minautor. When Tatyana gets the initiative, ask him to take on the latter, with the help of Geoff, Anka and Nebula while Zekelinde, Mel Aizen and do nothing.

This will be the Minautor to move in your direction, but it will stop two boxes behind you. It is important not one of your fighters is on a square adjacent to it, because it will then obtain a "Quick Turn" to attack. However, you can continue to inflict damage, staying on the box where your shooters were posted. Tell Geoff, Anka and Nebula to attack from a distance, then place Zekelinde and Tatyana in "Reserve" to keep their towers of initiative. Ask Mel to destroy the wall weakened by Aizen, then validate this strategy to complete the round of action. Now that you have access to the central area of the room, move Zekelinde on the first space next to another wall weakened and confirm his turn. Tell Tatyana joining on the same box, and then aim for the Minautor through the opening in the wall.

All other fighters will then act again, which will allow them to take their distance with the Minautor. Ask Geoff use the skill "Concentrate" Anka to destroy the weakened wall, Nebula to shoot the enemy. As for Mel, tell him Aizen placing the box in front of the Minautor and activate its jurisdiction "Sturdy Defense" and confirm this strategy to finish the round. The Golem and cover your back to prevent Minautor to follow you, suffering minimal damage thanks to its jurisdiction.

When Anka destroyed the weakened wall, she woke up two groups of Skeletor in the next lane. Get rid of the first one with the gun Geoff and competence "Mega Tornado" of Zekelinde. Also ask Mel to bring Aizen on the same box it so that it does not suffer any damage from Minautor because of its "Quick Turn". Put all the other fighters 'Reserve' and confirm the action to remove the entire group of Skeletor. Then say to Anka to aim the other group of Skeletor down the hall, putting themselves in the corner of the box next to.

Skeletor if some of the first group are still alive, ask Geoff and Zekelinde to complete them. Otherwise ask Geoff to pull the Minautor to Zekelinde to enter the hall and in both cases not moving Mel and Aizen. You will find two chests in the corridor containing 1 Goblin Rifle 2 and 1 Aciduric Ring, do not waste time opening because you have the opportunity to do it after the fight. Once the round is completed action, ask Nebula pull the Minautor and move Geoff in the hallway so he could shoot other Skeletor. The effect of the skill "Roussing Support" for Anka is being dissipated, place it in the hallway and tell him to use it again. Then ask Tatyana to stay "Reserve" to keep an action hole, then move Mel and Aizen on the first row of the box.

Bring Tatyana on the second box of the corridor to the next round and tell him to use the skill "Concentrate" for others to take action. Use Geoff, Zekelinde and Anka Skeletor to complete the last of the corridor, Aizen then place on the central zone box with "Sturdy Defense". This will then undergo again storm the Minautor but will be only slightly injured during the confrontation. Now that you are rid of the enemies of the hallway, you can stay safe in pulling through the openings in the walls. It should nevertheless be careful not to let fighters on the box down the hall, because there are great chances that the Minautor destroy the weakened wall.

In the next round, ask Geoff to shoot it and put all the other fighters 'Reserve' except Nebula and Mel. Move the first shelter in the hallway and say to the second to the Aizen box in front of the entrance, so that it prevents the boss from entering. Keep the pounding from the corridor by placing your fighters 'Reserve' when possible, to have a maximum circumference of action to successfully complete it. When it has definitely given up the ghost, get the contents of the boxes and place your fighters on the green boxes to leave. 

Undying King's Secret

Subject to recover:


There is almost nothing to do in this strange mission, because your team was here only for information. The latter will be handed by a necromancer named Gomorrah, which will give you very nicely if you leave the area. This is actually an optional boss of the game, which has a formidable power in addition to 9999 hit points. It is nevertheless possible to overcome with a relatively small team (lvl10à13), if you apply the right strategy and a little luck. This will allow you to get your hands on three of the most powerful equipment, which will greatly facilitate Following your adventure. You will find all information about this clash in the section Optional Bosses our Natural Doctrine solution. To leave without facing the boss and leave with only the information, simply validate the tour Geoff and accept to leave. Finally know that you can fight back later if you do not have the required level to eliminate it. 

Ishmael Swamp

Subject to recover:

    1 Lizardfolk Shield +1
    1 Zweihander + 2 

You will be faced with a new type of enemies during this mission, mysterious Lizardfolk. They are stronger than Skeleton and have priests who can boost and treat his companions. The other feature of this first mission to the region of Asvan, has his land which is partly covered with water. It will prevent you from moving forward more than one square at a time, which can quickly become a problem during the second part of the mission. The first thing to do is get rid of Lizardfolk blocking your passage, to gain access to the upper section.

In the Northwest of your starting position, you'll see a chest containing one Lizardfolk Shield +1. Do not bother to go retrieve it for now, because you'll have time to do it at the end of the mission. Once you have eliminated the 4 Lizardfolk, a transition cutscene, during which Feste soldiers arrive at the scene. Your goal will be to have to block their progress and go activate a mechanism where 3 Lizardfolk located at the other end of the submerged passage.

It is important to go activate as soon as possible, as long as you do not do it, you kill the soldiers will be replaced. To avoid that they can sue you in the submerged area, let Aizen on top of the ground so that the blocks. So you can eliminate Lezardfolk sector unhindered, starting with the Priest Lezardfolk below. You will find a second chest in the recess in the north east of the area, where you can pick one Zweihander 2 . After enabling mechanism to pave the way for the next mission, simply remove the last soldier of Feste and group the fighters on the green boxes. 

Asvan Temple Gate

Subject to recover:


This second mission that pits you against the new Lizardfolk should not cause you any problems. Start by getting rid of the enemy has the initiative after yours, by placing your other fighters 'Reserve'. Use the powerful techniques "Warriors Whirlwind" and "Mega Tornado" to eliminate groups of enemies. Continue to clean until there is no more Lizardfolk standing to automatically complete this mission. 

Asvan Temple

Subject to recover:


The special feature of this mission is that you will not need to fight to finish it. This is indeed a courtesy visit, during which you will need to discuss with the Chief Lizardfolk. It should nevertheless be careful about one thing, it's that he will speak to a magician. Therefore you do climb the stairs only Nebula, otherwise you'll be attacked. When you are at the altar on which is placed the stone of Ultranium it is important not to take it otherwise you'll also attacked. Stay away from the altar so as if you wanted to go back to the entrance of the temple, to trigger a cut-scene in which the chef invites you to take the stone. 

Flowing Water Mine

Subject to recover:

    1 Warrior Chief's Ring
    1 Sage's Hat 

You will enjoy a huge advantage in this mission, that of having an unlimited amount of Pluto. So it is important not to interfere with your abuse, by boosting your fighters with spells of Nebula and using the most powerful attacks of Aizen. Start by removing 2 Gorian Larva who are nearby, then send your overkill Golem in the gallery to look after the other two. Given that there are several groups of Gorian Larva Gorian Trooper and 2 in the next section, use of Aizen to eliminate safe.

If he happens to lose a big part of his or her life, repair it with one of the two skills Mel so that it is not destroyed. Once you have eliminated the Gorian this sector, take time to recover 1 Warrior Chief's Ring in the trunk. In fact as soon as you arrive in the next part of the mine, a cut-scene will trigger and all your fighters will move. When it ends, you'll be presented with a new type of creatures, the Gorian Ultron.

Even if your characters urge caution to confront, it is entirely possible to kill him in one attack. It should nevertheless that your team is strong enough and that each fighter has good equipment. If you think this is the case, ask Geoff, Zekelinde Aizen and hit him with their most powerful attacks. And order in Anka, Nebula and Tatyana to attack from a distance, also using their attacks that inflict the most damage. In any case if you come to fail it is not very serious because you can leave the checkpoint, which was created after the appearance of the creature. After your first attack is over, it is still alive or not, a second Gorian Ultron appear nearby.

The latter benefit from a "Quick Turn" to release several Gorian Larva or launch an attack to the body-to-body depending on his mood. It can also spit acid around it, which of course will inflict damage to your fighters, but also poison. Use the same strategy to quickly eliminate or use of Aizen as tank so that it absorbs the blows and attack back. When you have eliminated all Gorian threats in the mine, it will do more than go get the Wise's Hat in the trunk to finish the mission. 

Back to Asvan Temple

Subject to recover:


Upon your arrival at Asvan Temple, you will witness a fight between members of the clan Lezardfolk and Chief Hilde. These are disagreed on the reception you received from them, because some of Lezardfolk would like you to be killed. This mission is not very difficult to achieve, especially if you eliminate enemies in order of their initiative. Let Zekelinde and Aizen take care of Lezardfolks the bottom and use ranged attacks to kill those in the upper zone. You will be most helped by Chef Hilde to get rid of them, because it does not agree with the methods of the rebels Lezardfolk. Once you have removed enough, the fight will stop automatically and you will stand the stone of Ultranium on its pedestal. He will remain for you to move all your fighters on the green boxes to leave and thus complete the mission. 

Back to Feste Gate

Subject to recover:


Your first goal will be to take control of the stone bridge, throwing away the Soldier Feste that are on it. Use the Empowered Aizen and support of shooters to eliminate and protect it with your most tough fighter. Once you have captured this strategic position, two new Feste Soldiers groups will emerge. Get rid of those who are in the water with the "Blade Fury" technique Geoff and those on the other side of the bridge with Aizen.

Use your fighters armed with guns to safely dispose of soldiers on the other side of the bridge until Ingbert Lord make His appearance. This will bring with him two other groups of Feste soldiers, that you obviously need to be eliminated in turn. Take care of the group of soldiers in front of the portcullis of the castle with Aizen and start killing those who are left in height. Nebula then join you on the field of battle and draw attention Ingbert Lord to let you free field with Erna.

Be careful when you give the order to your fighters to kill the last soldiers to be sure that they do not stay more shots to fire. Indeed, if one of them removes all soldiers present, then it will draw its last bullets on Erna and is likely to kill and aborted the mission. Therefore, putting away the last remaining soldiers Feste until Zekelinde is joining you for battle. It will then remain for you to tell him to hit Erna Kurama with his sword, so that it is freed from the clutches of Lord Ingbert. The latter will then join your team, which will end the mission. 

Dragon's Cemetery

Subject to recover:

    1 Gunner's Ring 

After the opening movie is completed, you will be faced with a new type of enemy dragons species which is called the Blue Wyvern. These do not have very powerful attacks, but still a little more than 500 hit points. Do not hesitate to use your techniques that inflict the most damage, if you want to rapidly move to the end. Blue Wyvern are always grouped in pairs on the same box, the Zekelinde area attacks will prove to be very useful to deal with them.

Once you have removed the first two groups of Blue Wyvern, consider retrieving 1 Gunner's Ring before heading to the cave. Then gather your fighters in the area where the Blue Wyvern were, because two other groups will soon emerge. The first will keep the mouth of the cave and the second land at the place where you started the mission. You will thus leave some fighters nearby, so that they can eliminate them quickly. Once you got rid of the two groups of Blue Wyvern, place one of your characters on the green box to leave. 

24 - Northern Cave

Subject to recover:

    Dragon Shield 1 2
    1 Dragon Killer Ring 

There are two ways to cross the lava cave, the hard way and the easy way. This database contains 3 Troll that have 2,500 to more than 3,000 points, which you can compete to get 2 items in chests. But you can also very well out of the cave without retrieving them and so escape the fighting against these powerful opponents. If you decide to confront them to retrieve the contents of the boxes, the strategy to deal with them is the same. Use of Aizen roll with the punches and do maximum damage, while boosting his statistics with the "Berserk" fate Nebula.

Also use the technique of "Roussing Support" of Anka to increase the damage of all your fighters. Ask those of them who ranged weapon also have the attack and you should have no problem removing. You can recover 1 Dragon Shield 2 in the trunk that protects the second Troll and 1 Dragon Killer Ring in the one that is kept by the third. In terms of progression within the cave, you must activate three switches on one of the walls near Solomon. Once you have interacted with the third, it will automatically end the mission. 

Ancient Sanctuary

Subject to recover:

    1 Sky God's Gun
    1 Earth God 'Hammer
    1 Water God's Shield 

This new mission offers you the opportunity to recover a high-powered weapon, from a choice of three basic weapons and a fourth hidden. You will need however eliminate a powerful optional boss, if you want to get your hands on it. The way you have to start the mission, differs depending on your decision to kill or not. We treat here the normal way to do this mission, in order to obtain one of the three weapons he offers and avoid combat. If you want to know how to get the fourth weapon, the Ancient Dragon's Plutoniel, go to the section Optional Bosses of this walkthrough. Start by Geoff advance along the slope to Onatu and make him pass his turn once arrived on the blue box in front of the dragon.

Then ask Zekelinde to do nothing, then tell Anka use the skill "Roussing Support" for Geoff Onatu can join. When the discussion ended with the old dragon, it will offer to walk away with one of three weapons he offers. You decide which of them will be the most useful, but it is advisable to take the Sky God's Gun which is an extremely powerful ranged weapon. The procedure indicated later in this solution until the final confrontation is built in part on having chosen this weapon. It is therefore essential to take the Sky God's Gun instead of other weapons, especially as it is by far the best weapon to defeat the final boss. After recovering the weapon of your choice, Geoff is going to join his companions on the green boxes. If you want to avoid having to confront the enemies down, you just have to use the same strategy indicated at the beginning of this article. 

Back to the Northern Cave

Subject to recover:


For this second crossing of the Northern Cave, you will have the support of the powerful magician Solomon. It will use an attack formidable zone, which will instantly kill the Red Wyvern found in its scope. It must nevertheless pay attention to two things about it. The first is that it is not killed by the enemy and the second that your fighters are not in the impact zone of the attack if it is certain death. In both cases it will be game over for you and you will have to start the mission. To avoid this one gets too close Red Wyvern, simply placing Geoff, Erna and Aizen warning on the box at the bottom of the stairs.

Since the maximum number of people from this last, Solomon will remain on the stairs away from enemies. Use the overpowering Zekelinde area attacks to get rid of the group of Red Wyvern left. Unfortunately it is impossible to eliminate all the enemies before they attack, so it is advisable to prepare for cashing damage. 

After the first assault of the Red Wyvern finished, you can concentrate on those who have the initiative to deal with them quickly. Several groups of Gorians make their appearances when you have all eliminated and Gomori will join your team to support you.

If you have recovered the Sky God's Gun as shown in this walkthrough, you should have no trouble eliminating the many Gorian. Begin take care groups Larva, in order to get rid of Gorian Sentry remains the most dangerous. After the first round of initiative completed your team, Solomon abandon you to your fate and leave the battlefield. The last enemy will not cause you any problems and once removed it will end the mission. 

Back to Dragon's Graveyard

Subject to recover:


Warning: Before starting this mission that you oppose the Gorian, it is strongly recommended to activate the skill "Magical Bullet". Indeed the latter coupled with the Sky God's Gun obtained from Onatu, you will greatly facilitate the task until the end of the game.

Lord Ingbert will join you at the beginning of the mission, still a little swelling your troops, which is significant in view of what to expect. To get out in one piece of Gorian assault, let Geoff, Zekelinde Anka and take care of the right. Ask Nebula using the "Berserk" spell on Aizen, order the latter and Tatyana to 

get rid of the enemies on the left. This will allow you to be prepared for the next round, when a new type of Gorian will appear, the mighty Dreadnought.

In addition to being formidable in battle in hand-to-hand, it can make you suffer heavy damage due to its remote attack. If you followed the strategy outlined above, you can just tell Geoff to eliminate his attack with "Magaicl Bullet". Zekelinde can then take care of the group before the Dreadnought Gorian during that Aizen will complete the Watch the left side of the map. It should then remain more than a small group of enemies, it will be easy to complete during the next initiative. 

Feste Forteress

Subject to recover:

    1 Hunting Rifle 3 

Warning: As the game suggests when you choose this destination, this is the point of no return story mode. You will no longer be possible to visit other places in the game where it is likely to remain the objects and the pluton or to gain experience. If you do not want to be too difficult to get to the final boss and successfully overcome it, it is advisable to have about 25g of Pluto. This is indeed what you will need to use your most powerful magic attacks to easily overcome the many Gorian. 

The other consequence that there is when you start this mission is that from now your fighters definitely die. So be prepared before you run out and be very careful with the strategy you use in future missions. You can save your progress fortunately strong between missions, which will greatly facilitate your task to the final boss.

Know first that it is possible to leave this mission through two outputs, which will determine where the next will take place. If you take the exit that lies north-east of your starting area, you will go to the mission Gorian Lair (East). However, if you go to the green box at the bottom of the driveway to the west, you will need to complete the mission Gorian Lair (West). In both cases this will allow you to access the last mission of the game, where you expect the battle against the final boss. The only two differences between each Gorian Lair are in the objects that you can retrieve and enemies you have to eliminate. Note that moving your fighters in the left aisle will bring up a second group of Gorian that will block access to the output.

So it is better to get rid first of all those present, before attempting to reach the green box at the bottom of the driveway. In all cases the removal of the first group of Gorian will bring the second, but you will have plenty of time to run away from the North East exit. In terms of the policy to apply to survive, let Geoff take care of Gorian 3 Sentry with its formidable "Magical Bullet". Then ask Zekelinde to use its area of attack, to kill other groups of enemies that are between you and the North East exit. Other fighters them remain behind to attack from a distance, but Aizen can also join in the battle.

Ask Nebula launched its fate "Steel protection" to Zekelinde to boost its strength, because it will be dangerously exposed to acid attacks. If it comes to losing much of its points, treat it immediately with a potion or spell "Steel Protection" Nebula. Continue to follow this strategy to kill the other Gorian and quickly move one of your fighters on the green box to complete the mission. If you decide to go out to the alley west of background, you will need to remove one Dreadnought, which is accompanied by other Gorian creatures. You will then be possible to access safe, where you will find 1 Hunting Rifle 3. 

Gorian Lair (East)

Subject to recover:

    1 Big One + 3
    1 Zweihander + 3 

Warning: This mission has no checkpoint, so be very careful when you validate your strategies. Especially if your goal is to keep all your fighters alive, because if one of them dies during the mission, it will definitively.

If you want any of your fighters will die during this mission, the best strategy is to focus on ranged attacks. But also to send Aizen front line in hand-to-hand, to serve as a shield and blocks the progression of Gorian. If you have recovered the Sky God's Gun with of Onatu as shown in this walkthrough, you will have no difficulty in disposing of Gorian far. You will find two chests on your starting area, the first contains 1 Big One 3 and the second one Zweihander +3. Start by eliminating the Sentry Gorian which is in the lower area of the room and do the same with other groups of Gorian. Once you become free of all these people, 1 Gorian Dreadnought, 1 and 2 Gorian Gorian Sentry Sentry will appear in the adjoining gallery. Use Aizen progress within safe and pound enemies from afar with your different shooters. Once you have eliminated all Gorian of the mission, you will leave the scene automatically. 

Gorian Lair (West)

Subject to recover:

    1 Long Sword +3
    1 Sniper Rifle 3
    1 Shield of Feste 3 

Warning: This mission has no checkpoint, so be very careful when you validate your strategies. Especially if your goal is to keep all your fighters alive, because if one of them dies during the mission, it will definitively.

If you want any of your fighters will die during this mission, the best strategy is to focus on ranged attacks. But also to send Aizen front line in hand-to-hand, to serve as a shield and blocks the progression of Gorian. If you have recovered the Sky God's Gun with of Onatu as shown in this walkthrough, you will have no difficulty in disposing of Gorian far. You will find three chests on your starting area, the first contains 1 Long Sword 3, the second 1 Sniper Rifle 3 and the last 1 Shield of Feste +3. Start by eliminating the Sentry Gorian blocking access to the next room, in order to kill many Gorian therein. Once you have made ​​the household within one, two Gorian Ultron appear in the adjoining gallery. Use Aizen progress within safe and pound enemies from afar with your different shooters. Once you have eliminated all Gorian of the mission, you will leave the scene automatically. 

Before the Queen

Subject to recover:


Warning: Before starting this last mission that will pit you to the final boss, check first that your fighters have activated the right skills. You will find all the information on the level of the characters, their equipment and all the skills activated at the beginning of the video at the bottom of the article. Also be aware that this strategy will only work if it is Gorian Ultron C which has the first enemy initiative and not the Gorian Ultron D. If this is not the case when the mission starts, exit the game and restart your backup until it's the right Gorian Ultron.

Start by looking at which of the two should play Gorian Ultron after Geoff, as this will determine whether this strategy can be applied or not. Tell it to get rid of 3 Gorian Trooper with its overkill Sky God's Gun and technique "Magical Bullet". By targeting the enemy that lies between the other two and putting you in the same line as theirs, you will eliminate the three in the first round. Anka, Gomori and Tatyana start all three "Reserve" and launches Nebula the spell "Haste Sigil" on Geoff then validate this strategy. The Gorian Ultron C will then move one space and will release a group of Gorian Larva.

Ask Zekelinde hitting the Gorian Trooper H with its base attack and Geoff to target the middle with "Magical Bullett". Place Anka, Erna, Gomori, Tatyana and Lord Ingbert in "Reserve" and then tell Nebula to cast the spell "Haste Sigil" on Tatyana. Mel joined his side the box to the far left where is Aizen and asks him to forward two squares forward and activate its jurisdiction "strudy Defense".

Once your strategy will end the Gorian Queen will rise and will show 1 Gorian Dreadnought front of her. If all goes as planned, will all enemy attacks directed at Aizen and it will remain alive despite the damage taken. In the next round, ask Tatyana and Geoff to use their skill "Magical Bullet" on the Gorian Dreadnought. Rewind Zekelinde to make it less vulnerable to enemy attacks, and place Anka, Erna, Gomori and Lord Ingbert in "Reserve". Ask Nebula launched its spell "Haste Sigil" on Anka and Mel to repair the damage suffered by Aizen.

Geoff and Tatyana will do short work of Gorian Dreadnought, which will be immediately replaced by another and force the boss to reveal his true face. Aizen then again suffer the onslaught of many enemies whose Gorian Queen but s' still come out with only some damage. Ask Anka to target the boss with his "Long Shot" then say to Geoff and Tatyana to do the same with their skill "Magical Bullet". Advance Nebula to use his fate "Pluto Launcher" on Gorian dreadnough, then ask Gomori to stay "Reserve". Finish by telling Mel order again Aizen pull the Gorian Queen, with its high-powered attack "Pluto Bombardment".

This will be the turn of Gorian Ultron right to play, which will only drop a group of Gorian Larva around him. This will allow Erna to have an enemy to attack it available to all other fighters can act at the same time. Geoff, Tatyana Aizen and use the same attacks that turn on the previous Gorian Queen during that Anka active competence "Roussing Support". Zekelinde Erna help to delete the Gorian Larva with one of its area of attacks, while Nebula, Gomori and Lord Ingbert pull on the Gorian dreadnough. It'll then have to validate this strategy and let your fighters complete Gorian Queen and so put an end to the confrontation. 


  1. Finally beat the game by modifying the final boss strategy a bit to suit my characters.

  2. in the orc camp and asvan temple (lizzard camp) there are each 2 treasure chests with weapons of this folk

    during your second visit of the orc camp when you can leave through the green exit fields
    the orks aren't marked as enemy anymore - so ypu don't have to fight every orc for the chests
    so you can make your way to the two treasure chests in the SW-corner without any interference
    in the chets are a +1 orc axe (2handed) and a +1 orc cannon (like the big but more damage and less accuracy)

    and in the asvan temple are in the waterfields left and right of the big stairs each a swith in the ground which opens the doors to treasure chests hidden behind walls on the left and right side of the temple
    if you open the chests on your first visit it counts as a crime and the lizzards attack you
    but you can take them without any "punishment" on your 2nd visit (the one where you have to fight)
    in the chests are a +1 scimitar (big sword) and a +1 druid staff for nebs


  3. I think this game should have some cheat codes or something to help you get past the first level because I been playing this game for five days and still have not moved on the nexted level pretty please help out with


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