NBA 2K15: learn to play MyGm mode and run a NBA team

NBA 2K15 brings back a success in the series: the MyGm mode that allows the player to own a team of American basketball league. It is possible, beyond usual tactics and cast changes, stir in the prices of products, talk with players and coaching staff members, set goals for the team and more.

The process for choosing a team is quite simple. First, you must set the preferences for the game, such as the level and length of each room. You must also opt for traditional, custom or Fantasy Draft rosters, which is done in a draw with the entire player base. With this, you can go choosing who you want to train your team in a random order.

Select the team and the goals

After the initial setup, choose your team. In each team, there is a summary with features like available budget and concerns of the owner. See if this fits with your proposal. For the Miami Heat, for example, money is no problem, but the franchise of Florida requires immediate results.

After selecting the team, you will talk to the owner of it in his office. There is, then, the definition of objectives. At that meeting, he says the expectations and goals which you will respond believes it can achieve. The more guarantees he will give more confidence, however, the greater the penalty if they do not fulfill the promise.

Cast and tactics

The game presents a menu of options with varying capabilities. In "Front Office", you can control the cast. Manage the team's players and seek reinforcements for the team to trade and signings of Free Agents, athletes without a contract. In "Trade Finder", you can search for possible trade for players in your team.

In "Free Agents", offer contracts to those who are unemployed and take them to your team. The "Roster", you see the entire cast, and if there is a need to dispose of someone, you can waive a player to open the team.

After assembling the team, finally decides how it will play. For this, the "Coaching" menu allows in "Rotations", you set how many minutes each player can play per game. In "Playbook", you can view and customize the plays that can be called.

To play, simply go to the calendar and see when you have game. Proceed to one day choose whether to play the game or simulate and ready. The dates in which there is no game, you can set up workouts you want to do. Thus, you will prepare his team, leaving the sharp points that are most important to your liking.

Upgrades and prices

Other important points are the upgrades and prices. To upgrade your character and also the structure of the franchise, you need to win many VCs (virtual currency) and spend them with it. The interesting detail is worth the coins earned in any game modes.

Prices, the user can set how much you want to raise from each ticket or product. More than a financial issue, it can also make the difference between success and a bad relationship with the fans. So you need to take extreme care on that and the tips of your board.