Shadow of Mordor: Change Graphic setting to Ultra-HD Textures

Thanks to German site, a "Hidden" option in Shadow of Mordor was brought up: let the graphics on Ultra quality than those indicated by the game natively. To do this, not only is necessary to follow a few steps, but also you need a video card with 6 GB of RAM. Currently, cards like Radeon HD 7970 and R9 290x (or GeForce GTX 780 and 780 Ti) fulfill this requirement.

According to the testing site EuroGamer, which took into account that most players have a video card with 2 GB, it was possible to enjoy maximum quality graphics on ... But yes, it is necessary to sacrifice the frame rate per second and secure - 30 FPS to not have (many) performance problems. With maximum settings, 2 GB runs only Medium quality, 3GB being necessary for the High and 6 GB for the Ultra.

If you have already bought the game and want to test the improved visual (even if the PC does not have much power), follow the steps below:
  • Visit this link from Steam;
  • Use the "Launch" or "Install" button at the top of the page;
  • An error will appear;
  • Among the Desktop version of Steam;
  • In your Library, click the right mouse button on Shadow of Mordor;
  • Select "DLC" and check the "HD texture pack" option;
  • Force an update in the game (or have Steam check your files);
  • If the previous step gives some problem, restart Steam and try again;
  • There, that should start downloading 3.7 GB of textures on Ultra quality not available with the basic game download (even if it has the "Ultra" option natively).
But what would be the reason to be an option of textures as well as demanding? During the EGX, last week, the site EuroGamer interviewed Bob Roberts, chief designer of Shadow of Mordor. According to him, the idea was to provide the highest possible quality to ensure high fidelity of characters and scenarios to the proposed game.

While it is interesting to have the chance to run graphics qualities already exceeding PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the only problem is it has become obsolete video cards launch recently (and potent) compared to what is needed to run all the maximum. Furthermore, the way computers manage memory is less efficient than the consoles, making a tiny portion of gamers in the world able to take advantage of these textures.