Six Most Controversial songs of Eminem

Eminem completed 42 years on Friday (17) and for more than a decade remains popular in the rap world. Considered the best rapper of all time, the artist collects various successes for his controversial, ironic and even gloomy lyrics. But despite showing the dark side of his past and his thoughts, Eminem features heavily laden compositions of his emotions.

Check out Five Most Controversial Eminem’s songs

"Cleanin 'Out My Closet"

A song with a great emotional charge, the rapper talks about the neglect of his father and his troubled relationship with his ex-wife Kim, but the main target of the song is his own mother Deborah Nelson. With the question "have you hated or discriminated?", Eminem makes a connection with all people in the world before he spoke of some of his personal issues that helped create his art. The rapper describes his daughter and asks and asks how his father could abandon him when he was just a child. The musician says he still can't figure out how his family turned their back on him when he was a baby. In the song, the rapper admits the mistakes he's made in his life, after he throws several attacks to his mother and declares that it is false. The artist also said that his mother still wanted him dead. "Cleanin ' Out My Closet" is a remarkable track, which contains the painful past of Slim Shady. Other songs like "My Name Is" and "My Mom" who criticized his mother. Later, she defended Eminem's statements in her music in the biography "My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem", released in 2008.

"Brain Damage"

One of the most controversial songs of the album "Slim Shady", " Brain Damage ", talks about the teenage rapper. It says that the musician suffered threat of D'Angelo Bailey, then an eighth grader who practiced bullying with the artist. Once he came to pick up both the boy, who had a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving ten days in a coma. Moreover, the verses of the song also shows that the rapper was not treated well by his teachers, principals and other students took advantage of him by being small and with a more fragile appearance. In 2001, Bailey sued the rapper for defamation and for having associated his name with false information, but he later admitted that he actually took the foot of Eminem in school.

"Guilty Conscience"

Also includes in his 1999 album, "The Slim Shady", "Guilty Conscience" with the collaboration of Dr. Dre . In the three verses of the song, Eminem plays a character with bad intentions while Dre plays his conscience. The first talks about Eddie, a young 23 year old who wants to rob a bar, but is convinced by his conscience to do such an action because everyone will recognize it and it will be searched. In the second, this is Stan, 21, who wants to have sex with a teenager, but again abandoned the idea because he can go to jail for getting involved with a minor. In the third verse, met Grady, an employee of 29 years, when it comes to service encounters his wife in bed with another man, although his conscience try to convince him not to kill them, the end is beside Dre Eminem and you can hear two shots. This last verse is a reflection of the artist's relationship with his ex-wife Kim, who also betrayed him.


One of the most famous songs of Eminem, "Stan", tells the story of a fictional fan who is obsessed with the rapper, he writes letters to the musician, but when Slim will answer them learns that the boy died along with his girlfriend while having a car accident by drunk driving. Besides the message of the song about addiction and the consequences of their actions, the rapper wanted to make clear that while his songs have a heavy content that fans don’t want to follow them. With the hit, Eminem also showed that contrary to what many say he talks to gays, as presented this song live alongside Elton John at the Grammys 2001.


Perhaps one of the most aggressive songs of Eminem , " Kim ", named after his ex-wife Kimberly, whom he married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. Launched in 2000, the song talks about the troubled relationship of the two. In it, the rapper says that Kimberly has cheated on him and that will get rid of her, killing her. The rapper underscored this idea in verses "We already back, I mean yes, you'll be in the trunk." In the same year of release, she sued him for defamation. In 2006, the two married again, but eventually divorced by Kim betraying the rapper again.


" Bagpipes From Baghdad "

Many other songs could have come from this list, however, worth noting that the rapper was sued for not only his songs but also came to "inspire" other artists making a counter-attack on the content of his compositions, like singer Mariah Carey. She and her husband Nick Cannon, who recently split, were targets of Eminem in "Bagpipes From Baghdad", in this" disco band Relapse ", 2009. In the song the rapper talks to Mariah's husband away from her for that he can rekindle her relationship with the star. Mariah has denied any involvement with the rapper, but in the same year released the song "Obsessed" as a response to statements by Eminem. This track talks about a man obsessed with the artist, referring to the rapper's actions towards her. But the story does not stop there, in the same year, Eminem released "The Warning", a song that included samples of voice messages that were supposedly from Mariah.


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