Tiny Trooper Alliance (iPhone) walkthrough

Tiny Trooper Guide Alliance: Chillingo Ltd is back with its latest mobile (iOS) platform game released on September 24. In this game of "Clash of Clan" type, you have to build your stronghold and confront opposing bases with your team in order to finish first in the standings. You will be able to create mines and steelworks to collect gold and steel to you afterwards you develop numerous solo missions multiplayer battles. This solution "Start Tutorial" will allow you to better understand how to build your barracks and start to lose as little time as possible to enter the ranking of the game!

Table of contents

Construction / build of the base
Defense and creation of units
Attack and game modes
Getting started in Tiny Trooper

Construction / build of the base

You start directly Tiny Trooper Alliance as commander! But fear not, this comprehensive guide of the game will allow you to create your database and understand the whole course of the game in just a few minutes. First, you will have to click on the icon at the bottom left of the screen and go to the "Resource" tab. Note that this is where you have the opportunity to take any building the game and then install it in your base.

Tap the icon "Gold Mine" and place it on your golf game. We advise you to leave the center of your base for now. You will indeed eventually defend your Steelworks and your gold mine of enemy attacks. But do not worry if you accidentally misplaced your building because you can later change of position. You have to wait a minute for it to finish building its creation or press the icon at the bottom center of the right to complete its construction screen.

You can use Medals to complete construction of a building immediately. Early in the game, you will get 500 medals directly but later you will have to buy into real money! Note that you must find common ground "empty" boxes of six by seven to position. You can not actually put this building on arbes, rocks or ruins that will be on the card. A little later in the game, you will need to destroy these objects to gain space and to arrange for the better your military base.

Once the gold mine complete, click again on the icon at the bottom left of the screen to go in the construction section. Go to the Resource tab and take the Steel Mill building now allowing you to produce money. As with the construction of the gold mine, you will find a blank spot on the map and wait for a minute to allow the building to build finishes. You now have the foundation of your military base!

Defense and creation of units

After building your gold mine and your Steel Mill, you will now strengthen your base. Before that, click the "Room" icon above the gold mine to harvest your resources. It is essential to attack other players and steal their resources. To protect your base of your opponents, you have to build defensive buildings. It is at this point that the "Boss" of the game will appear and you will be at the same time warned of a future attack.

Go back into the building mode via the icon in the bottom left of the screen and then go to the "Tusk" where you have the opportunity to build a MG Tour. Note that eventually you can build the most powerful buildings to defend yourself but much more expensive and time in their constructions. As for the gold mine, you will now well place your MG Tower. Place it in the center of your base so that this tower defend all of your buildings.

After waiting for a minute that the construction ends or after spending your medals, enemy soldiers will arrive! Do not worry, this little attack should pose no concern you and they will come crashing down on your MG Tour. Once the attack is postponed, you must strike back against this enemy, go to the build mode and take the building "Barracks" located in Army.

Then place the building on a virgin site. You can not actually build your buildings on trees, other buildings, rocks and ruins. You will need to either destroy or building your first move or destroy bulky items in exchange for money and the time of destruction. Once the Barracks is complete, you can build your first unit of the game: The machine gunners!

Attack and game modes

You know now build buildings and units , it will be time to attack your opponent. Note that eventually, you will be able to form more powerful but more expensive and require more training time units:

Gunner (160 silver)
Grenadier (200 silver)
Soldier missile launchers (600 silver)
Paratrooper (640 silver)

After creating two groups of machine gunners, click the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

You will see three game modes:

Campaign where you have to attack the computer
Random enemy when you attack a base of another player (10 gold)
Attack of war by joining your alliance

Select country and enter directly into the first mission. Base, the game will offer ten missions to make you quick cash against the computer without losing all your units, although the challenge of the last missions will be much larger but will give better rewards.

Here you are in the first mission of the game After a quick dialogue with the wicked Tiny Trooper. Alliance, position your troops on the map. Note that you can not place them near enemy buildings and will have to get behind the line. Via a double-click the icon of the units, you can order your entire party building or the enemy to target. The fight should happen relatively well by focusing on the Tour enemy. Then you will get 1000 gold and 1000 silver, or the maximum possible from your current stocks.

Back in your base, you will now build a second Sapper order to build two buildings at the same time. Go into build mode via the icon in the bottom left of the screen, click on the "Resource" icon and take the building: Guérite sapper you need to place an empty site. Any position that building in the center of the map to make it not destroy the beginning of the attack of an opponent.

Getting started in Tiny Trooper

After building your base, defend it and then attack your opponent, it only remains to grow your territory in order to gain prestige, change in the rating of the game and eventually prevail in the terrible world of Tiny Trooper Alliance. The latter part of this illustrated guide will explain some improvements to make to expand your kingdom as soon as possible. First, click the icon at the bottom left of the screen and then go to Resources.

For even store more resources, build strong for money Room and a warehouse for steel. The more you advance in the game and you will have more resources to create a substantial army and increase the power of your buildings, this is where these buildings storage will be essential. Place these buildings on the map and remember later to defend MG Tours via several well placed.

You have just now finished the tutorial of the game! Then you have to choose a name to represent you. Be careful, you can not change this name later and it will be displayed directly in the ranking of Tiny Trooper to introduce yourself. You will then improve your HQ. You unlock new arrangements for your base, buildings and improvements. Click your HQ in the center of your base and upgrade it via 1,000 gold coins.

You now know how to play Tiny Trooper Alliance. You may at any time purchase via Medals real money or by completing certain challenges, these medals will help you finish faster construction and improvements to take an advantage over your opponents. Furthermore, the more you develop your buildings and the more you will be able to make constructions. Priority you will need:

Increase your buildings resource (gold and steel)
Build troops and successful missions of the campaign mode
Increase your number of units
Develop your base and meet new players

It'll now just push it in the Tiny Trooper: Alliance!