Dreamfall Chapters (PC) complete guide


The game Dreamfall Chapters starts in an unknown room. Here are some ways to interact with things.

On the balcony or on the visible to the outside world, there is the possibility of a kind of light to interact. Click the restless mind, there are two possibilities:

- One eye
- A hand with the eye

information obtained by the Spirit. If you click on the hand of a cutscene will appear. After this you land on a bridge and behind you thinking mind of a cliff.

Use F to get the chance to improvise this spirit and take him. Another Scroller with different symbols appear: the hourglass slow down the mind and get the chance to catch the spirit. Again a cutscene appear. Then you look to the left side where the "darkness" is.

Again, you have 2 options available: the eye and the hand. By the hand a cutscene will appear and you will reach a street. Go to the spirit of despair sitting on a chair. Click on the mind and go through all the options. Then you go to the street lamp and activate it with the sun. At the next turn only to the sun and then the hourglass. The last you switch easily back with the sun. Again appears a cutscene.

Then go back to the frightened mind and click on it. Only the head then the balloon. Of course, it follows a cutscene.

Then choose, click the spirit, the sun. Cutscene. Pressing on the mind and use the arrow so that it points to the great light at the end of the aisle. Cutscene. Go to the end of the road where it dissolves. In front of you a red light with a gear appears. Select it with the eye then made by hand. In the room the girl appeared you speak to her. Cutscene. Pick one of the two options.

Select now: calm under the bed "and then the sun" Then watch under the bed where a flashlight is Select... "

Move in front of the light, the flashlight get out from under the bed and arm them. In the picture next to the bed is a key through the illuminating flashlight is visible. Take the key from the inventory and press him to the closet. Cutscene.

Then go to the fire with the tree where a next cutscene waiting for you. Now click through the various options. Select "Home anguish; Who; consequence; Answer?" Now you're in the room there again you have to click on to the bed and your body. Choose everything from a pair to get information and then try to learn on the machine more. Then try it with the small screen to the right of the machine. Choose the hourglass and then the body the hourglass, then head back in the Scroller. Cutscene. Again, you have to choose between different answers and questions. So click on "Home, What the heck; What could it be?". Cutscene.


In prison you Alvane play. Decide between the options. Choose "visit, silence, understanding". Over the captain behind her until it stops using the eye in the wheel then the balloon. Over straight ahead and say the dying prisoners. Use your hand in the wheel and "How bad it is; help him; promise". Next to him is a guard who has a key, take on these and also the temporary blade. Go back to the captain. Use the key there. Result after you open the gate again the captain. See you on the next floor once again with around the same times and take the broom. Even an open cell is take from there find the pillow. You can combine and use in a cell with window, these two items.

So you catch a pair of arrows. Go to the gate and keep walking. The next goal is the overseer and blocking the way. Talk to him and choose "argument; Pragmatic; family; let him live." Follow the captain. Now you have to open the door. Since this is closed again you need to search for an alternative or common object. Over the entrance and take the napkin. Combine it with the arrow and go back to stairs. Pull the lever and combine the arrow with the oil on the chain. Find a suitable torch and return again to the chain. Light them. Wait a minute now and climb up the chain. Block goal match using the lever. At the gallows is a sword which you should equip. Then you have the chance to pierce the captain. But I let him live. It follows a cutscene.

Euro Polis

Back in the skin of Zoe are you with the psychiatrist. I chose: "I don’t know; Yes; A Little". Ask the Doc for a new session, saying, "Next meeting; Goodbye". Cutscene. After the dialogue of the Guard and snack operator you speak the snack operator to "mixing; cheese soup" course at the river bank and click yourself a bit by until you arrive at his office. Interact with Reza and decide between two options again. My decision was made to change the topic. There is still the opportunity to talk with Sully at the end of the room. Then go out again. Then go from straight, right and keep straight on to speak a Werbebot with your crazy work colleague. Just wait until he is gone and activate the bell. Arrived appears above a cutscene. Just wait until she has explained everything. Then activate the bot and go out of their apartment. And decide what you do with the Shitbot.

He will start running after brief dialogue and you have to follow him. At the Sunshine Plaza bot move with the arrow in the Scroller to a bot. He will refuse and also in the next experiment on other bots he is cross face. For me it worked a bit further away at a Shitbot. After that take him to stop because he asked what he should do next. Choose interacting with people. He starts running again and search for matching people. Follow him again until he stray a female focused. Now you have to choose where to navigate the woman I chose the middle passage. The bot disappears into the air and flies up. You are presented with an eye on the edge of the screen as you have running to succeed him. Interact with the bot. Then he starts a search run after repair work. And fly away again. Follow him.

Once there, he asks for specific details. So it analyzed by eye in your Scroller. Once the cable then over it and since then the diagram on the left next to you. Say the bot back up again, and carry him to the cables. Say it out again and click through the options. A bot appears. Shitbot leads you further back to the workshop. Talk to your crazy colleague. Then you get the statement you go to an election district. Move in the direction of Reza's office until you have reached the statue. Run straight ahead to the dead end with several election posters. Speech there with Baruti. Select "View No". Now run back to the statue, straight past her and keep right up a sign with "Queenie Quint Essentials" appears. Talk to the girl in front of the boat. Straight ahead is a merchant surnamed Chen with a liquor bottle.

Look at her and then talk with the seller. A bit further ahead is a buyer and a seller named Chan. They discuss. Combine the Cryptocurrency with the buyers. Then you talk to Chan. There is a bottle of booze on her table. Ask the price. Chan demands despite the special price offer. Tell him about the price that you made for Chan. He will then push the price back out you need to re-Chan gets her there the liquor for 2,000 yuan. Give her the money and give out the bottle to the girl "Queenies Quint Essentials". Talk to Queenies after you've gone over the small bridge. "Uncertain; Uncertain; seek sense; remember" were my decisions. Marching to the Concession Stand by Nela there hit the little girl that you meet test at the beginning. At the booth you notice the sign on her then examin the green box to the right in the corner.

Make sure to read on the back of an address. To find Nela be issued back to you and hold you at the next crossroads right. After a few meters you reach a staircase run this down, and then the stairs to your left. Arriving at an intersection twist to the right. A bit further away you recognize the image of the receipt as a shield. Run talk on the sign to where you Nela with a woman hears decide for yourself whether you want to hear it or interrupting. After talking over again Baruti. Behind you, straight to the river then to the right. There Baruti is employed by a gang of thugs. Dieting willing to help, or stay in the distance not to help. Then talk to Baruti. Next you need to return to the Sunshine Plaza with the words: "Sunny Living"! Press the underlying blue door opener. Talk to Reza it follows a conversation in then you make the decision you argue with him or not. Draw near to him if you want reconciled or wait until Reza leaves the apartment. Go in the event of a dispute to the stove and let not burn the food.


In the nursery you have a baby now control. Click the edge of the playpen on, put the pillow as an aid in front of you and try to climb out again. If you follow the light you meet your father move you into the kitchen and walk very close to the right wall along. NOT FAST RACING. Crawl under the table. Once in the next room, go left and nerve so long until she perceives your mother. Show on the door, the mother let you in and take the rattle on the light.