Driveclub: learn to use Photo Mode for PS 4

Driveclub got an update that brought a photo mode. Now players can stop the run at any time and take a picture, whether moving the camera position or adding different effects. Photography can be shared, showing the world the beauty of your car along with the beautiful scenery of the game. Check it out how:

Accessing the Photo Mode
To access the photo mode simply press the right side of the trackpad at any time during a offline run. The dispute is paused and the player is taken to the screen Driveclub photo mode.

The screen of the shooting menu has the following options:

Hide Interface - Remove menus for easy overview of how the image is getting. Press the X button to enable or disable the menu.

Go out - Press the circle button to exit the photo mode.

Image Processing - Press the square button to enter a menu that lets you choose different filter options and camera settings.

Restart - Press the triangle button to undo all changes in the image and start from scratch.

Type of Camera - Pressing up or down on the digital directional change is possible between the two cameras so Photo: Free Game Camera or Camcorder. In this second case it is possible to choose one of the 6 different cameras Driveclub, including the possibility of photographing the detailed internal panels.

Switch Competitors - Pressing left or right on the directional digital is possible to focus on any of the other competitors.

Image Processing
The menu has 11 different processing options image from Aperture, Shutter Speed passing through (the lower the value is more tarnished the image, giving the sensation of speed). Is still possible to include a Frame, vary the distance focus and insert a filter image, with options such as retro, blockbuster, cold and hot.

Free camera
Access by pressing the up or down button on the analog stick. There are 7 different ways to move the camera, each with its own peculiarity. There are, for example, such as zoom (R2) or decrease (L2), the distance of the zoom. Can rise (R1) or down (L1) the camera, looking around with the directional R and move the camera with the L

Saving the Image
Constructed desired and with the included filters, image hide the interface circle and take a picture with the Share button. Now you can share your photo with your friends (via Facebook or Twitter) or even keep for himself the recollection of your car.