Driveclub (PS4): Create Your Running Club

Driveclub, unique racing video game for the PlayStation 4 , has as main feature the clubs - both which help give name to the game. To compete in races you earn Fame, performance is also added to the club that you belong. You can have up to 6 members in a club, all contributing to the Fame Team. Check out our tutorial on how to create your own club and modify its emblem.


Before we start the tutorial we need to give some remarks. The first is that for a club to be enabled are required at least two members. Unfortunately the problem of the game servers can be tricky to include or invite a friend, staying for a while with his club down.

The second observation is about changing emblem painting your club. You can even make changes, however, at the end, they need to be sent to the server, due to bugs, it has not been possible.

Worse, the game crashes at that moment, being necessary to close it and open it again. But we will show how to make these changes when servers are functioning perfectly.

Creating your running club

Step 1. When starting the game, the main menu, choose the Create option Club.

Step 2. In the next menu you have to choose two options before creating your club, choose a name and the level of privacy. Among the first Club Name option.

Step 3. Fill in the desired name and, when finished, press R2 to complete.

Step 4. Now we will configure the Privacy club, choosing whether it will be open to any person or guests may only be part of it.

Step 5. After you have made your choice, select Create Club, and a message appears stating the success (or not) in creation. From that moment his club is still inactive, but can now be chosen by other players.

Step 6. On the next screen you can modify both the club badge as the paint that club members can use during races. Among Edit Emblem Club.

Step 7. In the edition badge users can change four different features: Background color of the Shield, the Flourish and Symbol. Early in the game only a few images will be released, with new developments being unlocked with the game.

Within the layers Shield, Flourish and Symbol are four categories of image: Graphic, Street, Rebel and Retro, each with its own characteristics. You can still edit the color and size of these images.

Having made your choice, the game will ask if you want to save them. Then comes what we put in the comments: if you click Save the game will lock the screen below, requiring it to be restarted, and still not save the changes made.