Halo: Master Chief Collection: Learn to play multiplayer matches

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is presenting some problems to allow players to join in online multiplayer matches. Producer 343 Industries claims to be aware of the defect and be working on an update to fix it, but also explained a little trick to get into online matches.

To find out if you'll be able to play an online game, just watch for a simple detail. When trying to enter the multiplayer mode, the column of the screen right should say "In Lobby" at the top. If it says something different, such as "My Game Session", you can not find opponents.

Another detail to note is that under the tab that says "In Lobby", usually be other transparent boxes saying "Searching", searching for an opponent. When it happens the case to arise "My Game Session" on the screen below appears only your friends list "Friends of (your name)".

The franchise development director Frank O'Connor commented that the repair is really strange and apologized for it. According to him, this is just a small bandage while the development team prepares a "greatest medicine."

Check out the step by step:

Step 1: Try to get in a match online.

Step 2: Look at the right column.

Step 3: If it says "In Lobby" and below it there are boxes with the message "Searching", you will play.

Step 4: If she says anything else, such as "My Game Session", press B to go back.

Step 5: Try again until you get the "In Lobby" message.