Listen to music stored on USB Flash Drive on PS4

The PlayStation 4 now supports playback of songs in mp3 format via USB Flash Drive, as the PS3.

Check out the tutorial below showing how to play your favorite songs in the console.

Step 1: Plug the drive into your PC and create a "Music" folder in it;

Step 2: Drag your songs to the folder;

Step 3: plug the Flash Drive on PS4, and it will automatically recognize the folder. Just press the "X" button to start the player;

Step 4: check out all the songs that are on the Flash drive and press "X" to start listening to that is selected;

Step 5: when starting playback, on the right side will be the currently playing song, duration and control of play or pause. At the bottom appear the other shortcuts that the user can use as L1 to previous song and R1 to next song.


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