The Legend of Korra - unlock hidden outfits, cheats, guide

The Legend of Korra is based on the eponymous animated series and plays in time between the second and third season of the series. The story comes from Tim Hedrick, one of the writers of the original series.

Due to the original Platinum Games developed from an action-adventure in the "Cell Shading" style, which you can view the developer roots. The combat system allows you to use the four elements - water, earth, air, fire - with its perfection conjures her varied punch combinations on the screen.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: A New Era Begins
Chapter 2: Powerless
Chapter 3: Battle for Air Temple Island
Chapter 4: Counter Attack
Chapter 5: Fire and Ice
Chapter 6: Spirits Rising
Chapter 7: The Heart of Chaos
Chapter 8: Old Foe & Ending
Hidden Outfits

Chapter 1: A New Era Begins

Who has played the animated series, will recognize immediately that the game plays directly after the last great battle of the second season - to be more precise, the game between the second and third season.

You begin the game with Korra, with all four elements - fights against dark spirits - water, earth, fire and air. Here you can not lose conveniently and the beginning is just as fast as he started over.

Once your consciousness loses the fight, you will be reset to the events of a week ago. Korra and their friends, the brothers Bolin and Mako are together in the ring of professional Tamer Tournament. Unfortunately, your colleagues may prove utterly useless and be thrown in the first few seconds of the ring. Now it's up to you to win for your team, this is their Fire, Earth and water against which you are trying to throw out of the ring. If you pay attention to dodge the attacks or to block them, your success is no obstacle.

Shortly after the battle is our protagonist in the streets of Republica and will honor such an old, seemingly defenseless man is accosted by two criminals. Of course, Korra crashes into the situation, the criminals flee and the old man breaks into diabolical laughter and disappears. Korra is attacked and loses her consciousness.

Chapter 2: Powerless

Korra awakens in an unfamiliar room and sees surrounded by chi blockers that attack immediately. Your first reaction is curbing, but it now falls to only that these were probably blocked in the previous battle. Pure muscle power is required and it manages to escape from the room. She walks aimlessly through the city. Their pursuers are you always on the heels, but if you keep yourselves down by dodging and blocking, this should pose no great challenge.

The game pushes you through pretty tubular streets where you will be confronted with opponents. Make sure that you collect here and destroyed a pitcher to ghost energy, because with this you can later use to buy items in spirits shop.

With all the opponents the only thing is what you should pay attention to her that if who can be found on the bikes, these should simply avoid, because with bare fists you can align anything here. You will be attacked by another Chi blockers and after you have defeated them, have a new round of opponents appears. Korra should try to defend here, as even a moment later Naga rushes to help them out of this shaky situation.

You must now be able to back Nagas cars and dodge walls and jump over ravines approach to finish the second chapter.

Chapter 3: Battle for Air Temple Island

While Korra wandered through the city, she decided to go to the air temple of her instructor Tenzin. Once there, she meets the spirit of Tenzin's eldest daughter, Jinora. This tells you that her entire family is on the way back from the Southern Water Tribe. But Korra is not empty-handed, because Jinora goes on to explain that ghosts here is water, which could allow Korra regain her ability.

Korra is attacked again by her pursuers. How Jinora told already, you now have the task to find the water spirits. The water is hidden in four large light blue containers, and hard to miss. If you follow the road and keep your eyes open, the container can be overlooked.

Have you found all four parts of water spirits, you'll get back your ability as a reward of curbing water. Now you destroy with your back gained force the barrier. Hardly you have defeated them, you follow the path up and up until you encounter a boss battle. Here you must confront three tamers, earth, water and fire.

It is advisable you to approach them in close combat, because you must not forget that the three are tamer and thus the distance you would use for their skills. Defeat some Chi blockers and complete the third chapter.

Chapter 4: Counter Attack

After you've managed to regain the element of water, you find yourself with Korra again. Once there you are again in the streets all the time to go and meet some opponents, however, be careful because in this chapter for the first time appear the red Chi blockers, which are able to throw electrifying energy balls at you.

Just follow the path and jump onto the wooden pallets to get up to the street. From here it is not far and it comes for the first boss battle against a Mecha. After you have already started the fight Jinoras appears and tells you that you could try through the blocking of attacks to regain your earthbending power. The Mecha is not difficult to pack in and of itself, he shoots either electrical energy on you or tries to roll over you.

Try to block his attack and then quickly press and often on the X button. You have to repeat this step three times them you can subdue the earth, but noted that the taming of the earth is not nearly as quickly as the preceding waterbending.

Have you defeated the Mecha, you meet a little further again three Tamer similar to those from the Air Temple. Defeat them and continue the path. Once you have your attacker to their knees again, Jinoras appears and tells you that you shall make your way to the Southern Water Tribe, where there will be strange occurrences with evil spirits.

Korra calls to Naga and it follows a renewed level of Nagas back where you should be careful to dodge at the right time to jump and crouch. If you brought safely to port Naga, after that another boss battle against Mecha. Going on even at this as the last and pays attention to the additional mobs. Have you defeated all enemies then the fourth chapter is completed and makes you on the way to the Southern Water Tribe.

Chapter 5: Fire and Ice

Hardly dive Korra on at the South Pole, it is already expected promptly by a gang Chi-blockers and three triad members. In this fight you get back also firebending by accomplishes a 40-combo chain. The battle is won and your heroine continues her journey, during which they must often make their fiery new ability to the test.

The game makes it easy for you to come to the next event, but here and there you can not hid boxes find-course without apply to confrontations. After some time you will find on a wall, but forcing her with ease in the knee, and then bring you down to the next fight against a Mecha robot.

After a short breather and another leap deposit you come to a point where against whopping twelve Chi blockers and have to take a red Mecha robot. It is advisable to just proceed as in the previous mecha, but do not forget that the counterattack definitely aligns the most damage in this type of opponent.

This also battle appears again your faithful companion Naga and transported you to the next minigame race. This differs slightly from the previously known, because you have to first fight with Naga against three mechas.

Do you have this fight behind you we're at the end of the chapter. But before you bring back the air restrain by dodging 13 attacks. Of course it is not done so and you will surprisingly attacked by dark spirits, one of them manages to incapacitate Korra.

Chapter 6: Spirits Rising

You are in the spirit world and will again attacked by dark spirits. Tenzin's daughter, Jinora, appears and explains Korra, that it seems as if the old man catching the dark spirits. This information also states that the spirits are fighting against their will and Korra looks regain Ghost Tamer skill. If you make it six ghosts to stun or paralyze, characterized Korra may appease the spirits.

Now you have your entire power and make you on the way to the tree of time, whatever route you will of course find many dark spirits. Shortly thereafter, a group of dark spirits appears and they have great minds doing their brother. The most effective you going on counter and firebending.

Have you defeated the giant you take your way to the tree of time again. You'll land in an area in which it is teeming dark spirit energy. Defeat all the dark spirits.

On your way to your destination you will be a hard task subject, you have to fight against by two large dark spirits.

Hundun, the old man will appear and summon dark spirits energy and drive you into a corner. The old man imagines the Avatar and told that he was once a king. He seems to have saved up a powerful financial wealth in the real world, that he could afford a whole arm so. After his short speech, and implied threat, Korra is from Chi-blockers, dark spirits, and triad members Mechas surrounded. Thus here ends the chapter.

Chapter 7: The Heart of Chaos

Even now if you have expected a fight against Hundun, you must fight your way through in this chapter for the last time by the resembling stages of the game. It puts you in Hundun a dreamlike universe in which you have to prove yourself in the familiar areas.

It has its origin in the air temple. You follow the path up to the top where the boss fight take place and will again confront here with opponents. This is a whole wave of enemies on the lam into you, but you have defeated this and find yourself already in the spirit world again.

Now run contrary Hundun, which you then put in the next day chaos, the pro-Restraining match. The first round is like a usual round of us in this sport. In the second round, however, it comes to something harder and you see to let you forced your fists and elemental abilities play. It is now important to defeat one of the three dragonflies like rabbits spirits so soon after a huge Hundun appears. During this try to put you out of action with his attacks, you have to take care of the remaining enemies.

You are in the spirit world and will once again transported by a scornful laugh Hunduns. Here, Korra looks in her ghost form and must be equal to three mecha, one of them red, spots.

This is followed by a battle against a huge spirit. Now follow the same cutscene as the beginning of the game. You fight your way through to the side of Jinora by the ghost mass in avatar mode. Thus, the eighth and the final battle follow.

Chapter 8: Old Foe & Ending (Final Boss Battle)

Your enemy is not pleased with your strength and is now ready to take the matter into his own hands, but not without explaining before his driving force. He already led a fight against the Avatar, thousands of years laid back, and lost it. Through meditation, he succeeded to the spirit world to seek for immortality. He succeeded, but had to cope as a disembodied spirit. Only when he absorbed the chi of the Avatar, he could take physical form again.

Hunduns urge for communication is satisfied with it and you can finally plunge you into the final battle. At first he embroiders waves of dark spirits to you, you are going this is Hundun must explain again. He tells of a brother, who was wounded in the battle against the then avatar and since then lives on the back Hunduns. This he demonstrates to you the same and begins the fight against the final boss.

At best it is going on when their counters attacks with Korra Hunduns, which still makes it possible to switch Korra in the Avatar mode.

Cut Hundun the first energy bar up to a third, the old man is dark energy and dark spirits summon cause. Only when you have defeated all the dark spirits, you can continue your fight against Hundun.

Bring his energy bar to a quarter, he will retire to another platform and create clones of himself. Watch that he throws the boulders Hundun on you, countered by using this Hundun off. Meet her while the real enemy, the damage will take, otherwise the clone just disappears.

If enough damage to its second energy bar has been done, it will appear on the main deck. If Hundun the brink of extinction, he is again bang out properly and make it easier for Korra to come in the Avatar mode and give him by spirits restraining the rest.

The battle is over, hit the enemy and the game ends with a professional tamer match, in which you defend on the side of old friends, Bolin and Maco, the honor of the Fire Ferret teams.

Hidden Outfits

There are two secret outfits for Korra.
You must be in your room choose the appropriate outfit and then enter the code.

Chi Blocker outfit:

1, 3, 1, right-click, left mouse button, right mouse button

Korra in ghost form:

1, 1, 3, 3, left mouse button