Dance Central Spotlight vs Just Dance 2015, which is better? Comparison

Just Dance 2015 and Dance Central Spotlight are the main dance video games available today. While the second is quoted exclusive of the Xbox One, the other can be purchased in various platforms. But what is the better of the two? Check out our comparison and find out.

Availability - Just Dance 2015

As we mentioned, Just Dance 2015 is a fully multiplatform game. It is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and even the Wii. This is a real game for the whole family and for all types of audiences. In addition, it uses motion capture with control on each platform, the PS Move, Wii Remote or Kinect.

The Dance Central Spotlight is a totally unique experience on Xbox One - and at its sole Microsoft time. The game is a continuation of the series produced by Harmonix, and the previous titles came out only on Xbox 360, so it was natural. Additionally, Spotlight is only sold digitally, while Just Dance 2015 also available on disk version.

Graphics - Dance Central Spotlight

Although not important, the graphics in both dance games with motion capture, one has to admit that Dance Central Spotlight has a visual presentation much better than its competitor. The characters are in 3D and animated, characterized and designed with beautiful features.

In Just Dance 2015, on the other hand, continues to rely on visual caricature of real people captured with your camera and outlined with bold and vibrant colors that will "teach" the player to roll with the punches. Although to be funny in some songs, this look now sound dated.

Soundtrack - Just Dance 2015

Let's get to what really matters in a dance game: its soundtrack. After which one has the best options for you to "balance the skeleton"? In this regard, Just Dance 2015 is overtaking it, just to have a much larger amount than the songs found in Dance Central Spotlight - are 45 versus 10, respectively.

However, in terms of quality and selection, the two games about even. Both have big hits of the moment, with current artists and some classics, that will guarantee the fun of the fans. There are songs of Katy Perry, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lorde, David Guetta, Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5, Gloria Gaynor, Bonnie Tyler, among many other artists and other hugely successful bands.

Gameplay - Dance Central Spotlight

At this point, to have a more refined gameplay and more technical than the competitor. Harmonix takes seriously its production of musical games, and therefore its dance game does not make ugly to capture with great distress the player's movements in each song.

While in Just Dance in 2015, what counts is the fun. The catch is not so accurate and the player can make almost any movement in front of the TV to dance without worrying too much about the score - especially if you're playing in a group, where what really counts is laugh at the funny movements of the partners. That's a not a bad thing, since video games are about fun, overall.

Extras - Draw

Just Dance 2015 has many extras thrown for download, but it makes good use of DLC already available in previous versions. If you purchased a song Just Dance 4, for example, need to buy again 2015 version without reusing the library, so if it is available for purchase.

The Dance Central Spotlight, on the other hand, makes the most out of its online library. Harmonix made the most of the past Dance Central songs could be exported to the new game, while all previously released DLC and already purchased by the user are available for use.

New - Draw

In terms of news, the two games tie at some points. Just Dance 2015 now has the dance so in threes before present only in "spin-offs" of the series, and also makes use of Just Dance Now application for mobile devices and fully compatible with the game, to capture movement of players an alternative way.

Dance Central Spotlight, with a much more accurate capture, has more than 7000 different and new moves and dance routines, to make your music sessions even more varied.


Although tie in places, Just Dance 2015 and Dance Central Spotlight have their well-off differences in others. The Ubisoft game wins in the category fun in groups, however, since it is more fun to play with friends and have a huge selection of songs on disc. The Dance Central does not make ugly in technical terms and is aimed at a more hardcore audience who really prefer to play, not just laugh at the funny situations, while dancing.