10 reasons to get Zelda Majora's Mask 3D (3DS)

After the premiere of the remake of Ocarina of Time 3DS, the minds of Nintendo users were overshadowed by another title: Majora's Mask. Probably the most bizarre game of the series was to return to put on the mask again. And here it is ... almost.

What we had before our eyes. The recent A Link Between Worlds Easter Egg contained a very revealing. Inside the house of our hero, in one of the walls, hung rested Majora's Mask. The long awaited remake of Majora's Mask, one of the most misunderstood games, but also beloved among Nintendo fans: what Nintendo was preparing discreet warning.

Its dark appearance and innovative mechanical (such as three-day cycle) made this delivers one of the most bizarre saga. The less Zelda Zelda, while the more Zelda Zelda, because it broke with many conventions. Now go back, nothing more and nothing less than 15 years later, for both new and veteran get a chance this brave game. Internally, many novelties as mechanical retouched, a revamped graphical look and many other details.

At the moment, after tasting it, our feelings are very positive, especially if at the time you get to complete. We listed below how it will be one of the first stops of this 2015.

I - What You had asked

"Nothing is impossible". Eiji Aonuma So (director of the Zelda series) ruled after being asked about a possible remake of Majora's Mask. What would later become a fan by the name of Operation Moonfall to request an adaptation Nintendo 3DS motion. Thousands of signatures were reached in a few days, which followed several official statements, including some very interesting in that said the game was running from the end of Ocarina of Time 3D .

II - A very different legend

We imagine the faces of the creative Nintendo after learning they had to do another after the legendary Zelda Ocarina of Time, which had only two years to run. They were probably so aware that they could not overcome in such a short timeframe that decided to flip the tortilla. Harnessing the graphics engine and the main dynamics to generate a completely different adventure. We had to return to save the world, but this time without the princess to rescue or to defeat Ganon. It was like the classic launched two years ago, but with a mask.

III - The game of masks

The masks were the main focus, which allowed us to overcome challenges with the strength of a Goron, Zora agility of a skill or a Deku. Different style skills to strong shocks, swim fast or throw bubbles allowed us to overcome certain situations. Alternating the use of these masks (and a score) proposed a refreshing gameplay now returns in this remake ... no news? We have to wait, but we bet on new masks and maybe some surprises related thereto.

IV - Three days to save the world

Majora's Mask was differentiated from its immediate predecessor. The way to achieve this was to employ such a dangerous formula as innovative: time limit ourselves to overcome the adventure. Three days amounted to a real-time game. Of course, the trick was that we had that time to save the world, but could return to the initial cycle at any time through the ocarina of time without losing the progress made. Now this is lost, it is one of the major changes. If we go back to the first day, not all will be saved automatically. For that we owl statues and fountain will be interesting to see how they work exactly.

V - New gameplay mechanics

Although structurally Majora's Mask 3D is very true to the classic 2000, we expect developments in mechanical issue. The intention is to reduce as far as possible frustrations. The design dungeon was once only perfectly understandable to those who came to play with Ocarina of Time, while there could only be overcome challenges based on classic trial and error. This is to refocus to do more intuitive. Speaking of usability, we can select equipment with touch screen, as well as setting alarms in our notebook to not miss any important event.

VI - Improved graphics

Most veterans will remember the Expansion Pak, this added totaling some megs of memory and it became necessary to play Majora's Mask Nintendo 64. This favored the presence of as many NPCs as well as higher quality textures. It was a leap. But we'll see now is obviously more, something that extends from the redesign of modeling Link to processing domains Termina, the place where the adventure unfolds. We believe that in this sense surpass Ocarina of Time 3D. But better see for yourself and judge.

VII - A soundtrack of the most extravagant

Music in Majora's Mask is so strange and dark as the proposal itself. Today we know that Koji Kondo was inspired by the Chinese Theatre, known for wearing masks, but also cymbals and bells as musical element. For this remake will not have significant changes in the melodies as they are exactly the same, only with a cleaning quality audios. It's not bad news, although at the time we were excited with what a fan of the series went on to create. Throw him one ear because it's worth.

VIII - Specific Possibilities for New Nintendo 3DS

The game will work perfectly on your usual Nintendo 3DS. The only thing is that the Big N has worked on Majora's Mask 3D adapt to the new platform. We do not have complete details yet on the unique features, but we already know that there is a higher graphics performance. The only thing that we see is the use of the new right stick to operate the camera, and we say that performs better than expected. But there will be more features. For Sure!

IX - A very special remake

So special that it has its own limited edition, one that comes naturally with the game box, but also a special case with Majora's Mask on the cover. Additionally a sheet of silver and a reversible poster is included. It is noted that Nintendo fans know how good their lovers of this license and, in particular, those of this release. And if not, just look at the New Nintendo 3DS XL edition to be released alongside the game. It is one of the most beloved Zelda, and that even though back in the early XXI century seemed not so much ... Maybe you pass as fine wines.

X - I Misunderstood in his day

There is a very enlightening data. Majora's Mask sold exactly half Ocarina of Time during the stage of Nintendo 64. The magazine rated the game with a few tenths less than its predecessor, and in essence was a rare, very rare at the time it appeared the game: a real I misunderstood. Many players tried it and failed to complete due to playable "shock" that caused repeat the cycle three days. Now is the time to take a second shot at the title. We of course will mask again to try to understand it 15 years later.