20 Most Successful Music World Tours in 2014

One Direction, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce are part of the list of artists whose world tours were the most successful in 2014.

We listed here the 20 most successful world tours in 2014, that led more people to the stadiums, theaters and arenas, as well as those raised as many gains.

The most successful of the year is no doubt that the British boyband One Direction’s world tour, who after traveling around the world went home with pockets full, raising total 282.2 million dollars, earning the top of our list.

The most expensive ticket of the year was the veterans The Rolling Stone’s show with its 14 On Fire Tour whose most expensive tickets cost an average of $ 191.42 per ticket.

The Where We Are tour was the highest attendance who led the One Direction sold almost 3.5 million entries in 69 concerts.

But the longest tour of the year came from Katy Perry, who had 106 concerts in 66 cities around the world as part of The Prismatic World Tour.

1. One Direction earned 282.2 million dollars
2. Justin Timberlake earned 187.7 million dollars
3. The Rolling Stones earned 165.1 million dollars
4. Katy Perry earned 153.3 million dollars dollars
5. Beyonce and Jay Z earned 109.3 million dollars
6. Michael Bublé earned 105.1 million dollars
7. Lady Gaga grossed earned 88.7 million dollars
8. Eagles scored earned 86.5 million dollars
9. Paul McCartney earned $ 84.5 million dollars
10. Bruno Mars grossed $ 84 million dollars
11. Elton John earned 75.3 million dollars
12. Robbie Williams grossed $ 75.1 million dollars
13. Fleetwood Mac earned 74.1 million dollars
14. Billy Joel earned 72.2 million dollars
15. Bruce Springsteen grossed 64.9 million dollars
16. Miley Cyrus earned 62.9 million dollars
17. Luke Bryan grossed 62.8 million dollars
18. George Strait earned 61.8 million dollars
19. Cher earned 54.8 million dollars
20. Jason Aldean earned $ 52.5 million dollars