Nicolas Cage's birthday, Here his Best Films

The actor, producer and director, Nicolas Cage, celebrates his 51 years of life today, January 7. Here is a list of his best films.

Nicolas Cage turns 51 years old. In the 90 was considered one of the most influential players in the industry by Empire magazine.

In the 90s he was crowned as one of the most versatile and best quoted thanks to Oscar award he received in 1996 to play an alcoholic writer in Leaving Las Vegas.

Followed by films like Wild at Heart (David Lynch), The Kiss of Death (Barbet Schroeder); The Rock (Michael Bay); City of Angels (Brad Silberling), Snake Eyes (Brian de Palma); Lives on the Edge (Martin Scorsese); 8 mm (Joel Schumacher) and The Orchid Thief - Adaptation (Spike Jonze).

In his films there are titles that have failed at the box office as The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Bangkok Dangerous, Stolen and The Frozen Ground.

1. 'Leaving Las Vegas' (1995)

2. 'Adaptation' (2002)

3. 'Face' (1997)

4. 'Raising Arizona' (1987)

5. 'The Rock' (1996)

6. 'The War Lord' (2005)

7. '60 seconds' (2000)

8. 'City of Angels' (1998)

9. 'Con Air' (1997)

10. 'Next' (2007)