PES 2015: MyClub guide - Hire Players and Coaches

PES 2015’s MyClub is one of the most acclaimed by the players, and this is due to the fact that it allows each gamer to group his club in the game. And to succeed, you need to hire team members and leading Coaches, forming a strong team to win the online and offline tournaments. Check out how to do this below.

Step 1. Access the "Agreement" option in MyClub mode menu;

Step 2. Select the "Hiring Technical" to see the coaches available. It is important to sign with a head coach, because the greater the skill he has, the more top players you can hire. There is a cast of the power limit for each coach, and the better it is, the more force you can have on your team;

Step 3. As players, you can afford the technicians GP (coins that are won in any of the PES mode) or MyClub coins, which are like the FIFA Point of FIFA, you buy with real money on PSN. Choose which use to buy and close the transaction;

Step 4. Back to the initial menu, access the option of loans to sign a player on loan. This will leave the player for five matches. It is a very interesting option in some cases, because you know who will hire and usually there are great players available, which can help greatly his team;

Step 5. To sign a player in the end, you can use the business. The best option, but also more expensive, is to hire via "best business", which cost 10,000 GP or 250 coins MyClub. There is one for each position (GO, ZG, MC and TA) and business in accordance random big football events that appear periodically;

Step 6. Select and go to hiring screen. Colored balls will move on the screen. Press "X" to give away your player. Gold balls are top athletes, black balls are of the stars, with overall higher than 80. You have to count on luck, hope enough and await the revelation of who you hired;

Step 7. If you have not so much money, you can always use the most basic business, which are released as you win games. Every businessman, alone, has a most striking feature, as the player's skill or position that it will make available to you, plus the percentage chance of it having a high overall. But, wait a while and join entrepreneurs to generate best players. You can have three agents combined, which will result in higher chances of getting aces.