Resident Evil: best Easter Eggs in the game series

Resident Evil is the popular survival horror video game series from Capcom that was successful in several platforms of different generations. In addition to the remarkable campaigns and puzzles, the series also have space for small homages and references.

Check out the best Easter Eggs found in the Resident Evil game franchise.

Resident Evil Director's Message

When you finish the complicated Invisible Mode of the first Resident Evil in a maximum of five hours, the players will be pleased to read a message written by Shinji Mikami, director of the game.

In the short text, the producer congratulates the players with the direct comments on the difficulty of the game.

Wesker Zombie

One of the most iconic characters of the series, Wesker can be found in a zombie version in the first Resident Evil. The easter egg is unique version of the Sega Saturn, which has the Extra Battle mode.

In addition to the different look, the zombie is even stronger than regular versions, requiring more shots to be killed.

Hidden GameCube (MO Disk Reader)

In the first remake of Resident Evil, the items "MO Disk Reader", who are able to read discs in the game, had changed his appearance to resemble the Nintendo GameCube console, where the game was released.

In recent HD version of the game, the devices had its visual changed again, removing any resemblance to the game.

References to Dino Crisis

Regarded by many as a kind of "internal competitor" Resident Evil, Dino Crisis won honors in the zombie game from Capcom.

Game posters can be found in the area of hospital in Resident Evil 3, near the bodies of some soldiers.

Do Not Shoot the Water

In Resident Evil 4, before facing the great monster side, it is possible to drive up the water and shoot sometimes against it to make the show appear and devour Leon at once.

In versions for 360 and PS3, it will yield an achievement named "Do Not Shoot the Water".

Hidden Arcades

In Resident Evil 6, map Urban Chaos in Mercenaries mode is possible to find a packed room of Capcom's arcade.

The machines run some of the great classics of Japanese company, like Street Fighter and Mega Man.

Leon’s Jacket

During Ada campaign in Resident Evil 4, you can find the Leon’s jacket, which disappeared in the character campaign.

The part is used by one of the enemies of the game, which allegedly found and decided to wear it.