ILOVEMAKONNEN's debut album will feature Rihanna, Drake, Diplo and Skrillex

In an interview with MTV on the red carpet of the Grammys, the musician ILOVEMAKONNEN revealed that the album will bring tracks in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Diplo, Skrillex, Rihanna and of course, his mentor Drake .

For those who still do not know, Makonnen Sheran (rapper's real name) was born in Los Angeles in 1989, but spent his teens in Atlanta. He began creating his own music in 2008 and used the social network MySpace to release them.

Last year, the Canadian Drake heard a club one rapper track, entitled "Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday", and got in touch with producers to remix it. Two days later, Drake released the song just as "Tuesday" and break even hired Makonnen to his label EGG Sound.

Still untitled, the first album ILOVEMAKONNEN will be released between June and July this year, but he will start touring in the US in April, in support of his new album.

Listen to "Tuesday [Remix] (Feat Drake.)" below: