Jolly Jam tips and tricks - iPhone / Android

The creators of the Angry Birds series, Rovio, has released a new video game on the iPhone and Android is already a success: the style is match 3 but actually from a different concept: it is not to match three or four identical fruits, rather than draw a rectangle with a finger the two corners have the same fruit to pop the beans that are inside. The mechanism is innovative but immediately intuitive, which is why we decided to reveal some tips and tricks:

- Jellies special match can not be identical
- The box that can be formed must not have a minimum number
- The number of moves help to determine the stars that you will take at the end of level
- The fruits can be matched even if under they have that sort of square crackers that sustains them.
- By connecting to facebook after level 6 you get a red pocket
- During the levels you can collect the special parts that unlock a special cart that gives 10 free diamonds
- After the level 8 you will be given a spoon that allows you to remove some jellies from the picture without them burst
- Combining 4, 5 or 6 jellies of the same type in the rectangle, it will form a special jelly-type vortex. When this burst will randomly break other jellies under increasing the chances of finishing the level faster.