Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D all 52 Heart Pieces, Items, tips

Needle Rock

There are 2 ways to the Needle Rock:

Sail to needle rock and dive and follow the signs. CAUTION: Not every sign points the way clearly.

Go into the house at the Great Bay and speak to the seahorse. The fisherman asks you whether you want to exchange it for a photo of the Pirate Leader. Get yourself now the picture of the leader and exchange this. Now swim to the needle rock and let the seahorse free, this leads you now to the needle rock. Defeat there all sea snakes and the girlfriend of the seahorse. Now you get a Piece of Heart.

Rock mask

The rock mask is not to be found as in the N64 version at the entrance of Ikana Canyon, but in pirate nest. There simply under observation tower use the Lens of Truth and you see a wounded soldier. Give him the healing potion and return you get the rock mask, with it you can undisturbed the guards come over.


The mask you get when the thief picks up the bag of the old lady on the first night.

The mask works like bombs only with the difference that you take damage at how users use. It is the liberating them to push R (shield) and then solves them. So it bypasses the damage.

Time for the 3 days lengthen

When you get back again your Ocarina and have thus learned the Song of Time, the Ocarina then again play the Song of Time backwards.

As a result, you learn a new tune, the Ballades of Kronos.

The great advantage of this song is that the available time of the 3 days is extended.

Notice here that you have to play the ballad again and again, if you are traveling for the first day by Song of Time back.

Secret melodies

There are as well known in the old N64 here again the 2 hidden melodies, which one can manipulate time:

Slow time course (time passes only 1/2 as fast): R + L + Y + R + L + Y

Fast forward time: Y + Y + L + L + R + R

So that the game should be a little easier

If you want to win the lottery using the following numbers

Day 1 - 883

Day 2 - 042

Day 3 - 512

Endless Flower Flight

If you jump with Deku Link from a Deku flower you fly and after a time you listen to fly and fall to the ground. Keeping, however, during the flight all the time to the left / right, he flies after the legs squirm just keep going. He listens only to fly, if you touch the ground. So, you can wait until he wriggles, then keep right and if he does listen to again fly further.

Reversed Rewards

While the original game won a Piece of Heart in the bottom of archery Koume and the 3rd grave at the cemetery a bottle can be found, this is reversed in the 3DS version. So you get the bottle in the bottom part and the heart in his grave.

Get 500 Rupees easy!

1. Gibdo mask

2. Either remove light arrows or the mirror shield around the block with the eye. Then in the input are 4 zombies (mummies) while wearing the mask Gibdo then they dance and if you defeated you get a total of 75 rubies. One has to just try 4-5 times then you have 500 rubies full. But first you must have big money exchange. You get to the beach from the Great Bay where you can get the zora-skin. To get the stock market you have to go on day 1 in the empty house. Judging purely sees a wall with cracks. Blasts them with a bomb and you can set you on the search for the 30 spiders in the house. If you have the 30 spin until you get the biggest purse in the game!

Last Bottle

There is a bottle in the remake.

Once you have the three transformation masks, you can help in the milk bar Toto.

This will get the: Mask of the ringmaster.

Go on the second day to the hotel attract the mask and talk to Gorman.

From 12 clock you get with the mask on his brothers a bottle: Suspicious milk.

This ought you to bring within 2 minutes Gorman to the hotel. Since you have to do it without the song swing, you should use rabbit ears or Epona.

As soon as he drank the milk, he gives you the bottle.


1. bottle

In the swamp behind the magic shop in the forest follow the monkey. He brings you to an injured witch. After talking with her, looking to her sister either in the shop or in the forest, if you follow the monkey again, visor them to talk to about her. Bring you the Elixir of injured, may keep the bottle.

2. Bottle

If you have helped the witch and has made the temple, you can make target shooting in the Info Center. You need 20 Points

3. Bottle

After the second temple was completed, you can participate in the Goron race. The first prize is a bottle with gold dust. The dust is required to upgrade the sword permanently.

4. Bottle

If you have to use in Goron Village the license, powder kegs can be destroyed on day one, the rocks on the Milky Way and there begin the quest line. The bottle there, if you do on day one of the target training and Aben helps defend the barn.

5. Bottle

One of the rewards in the quest around Anju and Kaifei (found under Quick tips). Must pass the express letter personally to get the bottle you.

6. Bottle

East of Cape Zora with the grappling hook to an entrance above the waterfall. Behind the win Bieber and the race.

7. Bottle

Is already posted above under short tips.

Quick and easy way to earn money (rubies)

Here are a few tips on how you can quickly earn rubies. Things that you need for this:

- Gibdo Mask

- Progress To Ikana Ruin

Things that do not need it but it would be advisable to have anyway:

- Riesen Wallet (you need just so you can carry more rubies)

First you travel to Ikana ruin there you go to the Gibdo Mask and enter the ruins. Directly into the entrance hall dance four Gibdos because their Gibdo but the mask they are there bears only dance around and you may be able simply to defeat and get 15-20 per Gibdo rubies and four times so 60-80 rubies per visit. If you have defeated the four Gibdos you go back out and then back in and the Gibdos are back and you can defeat them again and get back rubies. So you can in limited time quickly fill your pockets with rubies.

Oni-Link everywhere

First, you need the following things:

1. Bremen Mask

2. An empty bottle

3. Face the fierce deity

First, you go to the level of Termina and search below you will find a hole and go in there then you take the empty bottle and so catch a bug. Now you are laying the bottle with the beetle on Y and the Bremen Mask on X but prefer not to them. Now you introduce yourself to a wall (viewed from the link to the wall so that it only his back looks) and push the sliding slowly down so that link turns around slowly and while you do you have to press fast X and Y to link the Bremen Mask while leaving free the Beetle. Now the Bremer mask should have turned into an empty bottle. Now go out of the hole and then go toward Goron Village and is just about the hot spring goes in there (if that is still locked shoots a fire arrow against it and open it) and fill the empty bottle previously Bremer mask was hot water. Now you have the face of fierce deity put on any one button. Now there are 2 options as link attracts the mask

1. Teleport somewhere and then you see the link to Oni-link or

2. Get simply from the hot source out

(NOTE: You must not save after the Bremen Mask has turned into an empty bottle otherwise damage to your gaming arises if you just make nothing happen with your game)

Ps: You have the latest update To uninstall this method to work

Location of all Heart Pieces

Do what 
1 South Clock Town The moon tear from his observatory and replaces them with the Deku dealer against his Deku Flower. Use it as a Deku then to fly on the raised platform at the bell tower can. There you will the first of Heart.
2 North Clock Town Make your way to link to the north of the city playground and climbing on the side of the pillars high to get to the slide. From there, jump onto the tree where the next part of the heart is waiting for you.
3 West Clock Town (post office) Visited at night when all the letters are dealt, the postman at the post office. Because he always pays attention to his punctuality, he would like to put links sense of time to the test. Take the challenge and tried time after what feels like 10 seconds to stop. Are you succeed, you get a Piece of Heart as a prize. Here are the rabbit ears especially helpful because it gets so displayed a timer.
4 East Clock Town (inn) After midnight you have you secretly sneak into the inn by her outdoors flying on the roof with the Deku Flower to the back door. Go down the toilet, from the low projecting a hand and ask you for the paper. Give it a Deku deed which ye first ever ertauscht of the Deku dealer. In return, you are the hand a Piece of Heart.
5 Clock Town Set the cap of the postman on and search any mailbox in Clock Town. In it you will find a Piece of Heart.
6 West Clock Town Sets at night on the first or second day Kamaro mask on and give the two twin sisters a taste of your dance. Full of enthusiasm, they give you a Piece of Heart.
7 North Clock Town Go on every day once the Deku-flight mini-game in the cave next to the fairies source. You have to win every time the game and break the record, to the last day win a Piece of Heart can.
8 West Clock Town Go to training camp and starts the expert course. Now you have to reach 30 points by their splits the logs with jump attacks. Have you done it, you get a Piece of Heart.
9 South Clock Town Have you achieved on the bench with a capital of 5,000 rubies, no more rubies can be paid. As compensation you will get back a Piece of Heart.
10 East Clock Town Do you have the story of Anju and Kafei finished, you have the mask of the lovers to the residence of the mayor and talk to him, so he ended his endless debate and reciprocated with a heart part with you.
11 East Clock Town Go to the inn and talk to Anju grandmother. Set before the mask of night on, not to fall asleep because of their history. Answered her all her questions correctly, they will give you a Piece of Heart.
12 East Clock Town Sets one more time the mask of night , and speak again with Anjus grandmother. Only this time you answered all their questions with "do not know". Through their carelessness, they will still give link another Piece of Heart.
13 East Clock Town Plays on all three days the minigame "favorite and baby" in the game center. Have you managed to achieve a perfectly every time, you will be on the last day with a Piece of Heart rewarded.
14 East Clock Town Go to the shooting gallery and try your hand at archery. From 40 hits you get first a larger quiver. With full 50 hits you win a Piece of Heart.
15 East Clock Town Go into the building that looks like a large "treasure chest" and transforms you to Goron. Start the game and master the maze to get profit as a Piece of Heart.
16 North Clock Town Over the Kafei quest you get the fox mask from the dealer in curios. Set it up and looking north on the playground by the rustling bushes. There namely a Keaton Fox will appear and test links wisdom with some questions. Answer all right to get a Piece of Heart.
17 Marshes of Madness At the entrance of the Marshes of Madness, is a large tree near Tingle. Climb up the vines and collects on the treetop the heart part.
18 Marshes of Madness Power with your camera is a snapshot of the Deku King and give the picture in the Info Center. So you win the first prize, and thus a Piece of Heart. Make sure that all this happens on the first day.
19 Marshes of Madness Right next to the info center you will find a further Dekuhändler. Show him the deed, ye have taken from the first Dekuhändler in South Clock Town. He then you will leave his Deku Flower, so you can reach the heart part on the roof.
20 Marshes of Madness Sneak past in the gardens of the Deku palace guards at all to ultimately achieve a Piece of Heart. Especially helpful here is the rock-mask , since you so that the guards did not perceive.
21 Marshes of Madness Have you Odolwa, the final boss defeated, Koume you will offer a special boat trip in the Info Center. There, you have to try at least 19 hits to achieve in order to win a Piece of Heart.
22 Marshes of Madness (Swamp Shooting Gallery) Check out the shooting, which lies to the left of the entrance to the swamps. There, you have to try to lay a perfect lap. On the first day you get a larger quiver. Do you play the game but on the second day, you win a Piece of Heart.
23 Duskwood In Duskwood there are three boxes, standing on a tree trunk, respectively. In a chest you will find a Piece of Heart can. Use the Deku Flower can you reach the crates easier.
24 Level of Termina The high degree before the Milky Way is a hole that is marked by butterflies hidden. In this cave you will find a Killeranas whose death will enrich you for another Piece of Heart.
25 Level of Termina Run through the north exit of the city to get to the Eisgraben where tümmeln louder Dodongos. A little further to the left you will find a hole in the floor that leads you into a cave with two giant Dodongo. Defeat them and you get a Piece of Heart.
26 Level of Termina There are four holes in the plane outside the city in which there are four Shieka stones. The holes are left from the observatory, right in the grass in front of the north gate of the city, right of way in the swamp and the last is hidden in the grass section of the plane under a rock north of the west gate of the city. Drums stones as Goron the Goronische lullaby before, so they turn red. Once all the tiles have been activated, you will receive a Piece of Heart.
27 Level of Termina Near the two fences in the direction of the access Great Bay, is rocky, among which is a hole in the ground. In the cave finds her wasp nests that hang from the ceiling. Fires broke it so that a Piece of Heart falls into the pond that you can then pick you as Zora.
28 Level of Termina Observers her with a telescope of the observatory the left part of the city wall can discover her a flying Dekuhändler. If you follow his route, you can see that it lands in the hole before the observatory. Visited him and then he will sell you a Piece of Heart for 150 Rupees. Selects the first time "No" so that he will make you a new offer for 100 Rupees.
29 Romani Ranch For this you need the dog race win at least 150 Rupees to get additionally a Piece of Heart. Use the mask of Warheit to entertain you in advance with the dogs. Sets the Races on the dog, who says that his paws feel pfederleicht.
30 Great Bay At the end of the Great Bay you will find a waterfall falling into a pool. There you will also find a shield that says that located anywhere beavers here. Now emerged as Zora in the pelvis and defeated the robbery mucus, which is located on the bottom of the water, so he drops a Piece of Heart.
31 Great Bay Take a picture of a Gerudopiratin and give it to the fishermen, so he gives you a seahorse. Then floats to the needle rocks and defeated there all sea snakes. Have you done it, you can find in a tunnel to another seahorses. Now that the two are back together, they give you a heart full of joy part.
32 Great Bay Go to the research laboratory, where two red fish waiting to be fed with 5 small fish. The fish can be found, for example, on the beach in shallow waters, near the pirate fortress. Transporting them you can with an empty bottle. If one of the red fish grown, it spits out a Piece of Heart for you.
33 Great Bay Seeking the small bay near the entrance of the pirates fortress and the grappling hook to reach higher ground platforms. On one of the platforms a miracle pea can be planted, so you fly to the penultimate platform and jump off. Plays there the scarecrows polka and pulls you with the safety catch on the scarecrow, so as to achieve a Piece of Heart.
34 Great Bay Once you've defeated the final boss Gyorg in the water temple, waits a fisherman in his boat near the research laboratory to you. Bounces her on his boat, it brings you to a small island group. Are you close enough, can you draw you to the fishing hook on the wall. There you can play a mini-game and win a Piece of Heart.
35 Great Bay (rapids) After winning against the first beaver swimming game and you will be given a bottle, you can also now against the second Beaver Brother swim to the bet and win a Piece of Heart.
36 Cave of Zora In Lulu's room you can find the next Deku dealer with whom you can trade as Goron Mountain your document against its marine certificate. Then he leaves you his Deku Flower, which you can fly on a shelf on which a Piece of Heart is.
37 Cave of Zora Go into the room Mikau, the drummer, and pulls you through fishing hook on the upper platform. Make sure to read through the diary of Mikau in and mark the two melodies. Then run to the bassist next door to jam with him. As a result, you can complete and audition pianist, the melody of the drummer. He is so impressed that he gives you a Piece of Heart.
38 Pirate Fortress Early in the course of the Pirate Fortress, you pass a space in which a heart piece is in a cage. Presses the switch and rolls you as soon possible to Goron heart part before closing the grille.
39 Great Bay (spinning house) In the library and in the dining room you will find some skeletons that can give you some useful information. For this purpose, it pulls the helmet of the captain and asked them for the correct order in which you have to shoot the colored masks in the dining room. Do this and then a secret access to a Piece of Heart is open.
40 Mountain Village First Defeat Goht, the final boss of the Snowhead temple, so spring reigns in the mountain village and the ice disappears. Now looking for the 5 frogs and they talk to the Don Gero's Mask on to then get another Piece of Heart after a concert. The frogs are located in the Basin in Clock Town, the swamp on a tree stump in front of the Deku Palace, in Duskwood temple after a leg fighting a gecko in Great Bay Temple after a leg fighting a gecko in the spring at the forge in the mountain village.
41 Goron Village After Goht, the final boss of the Snowhead Temple, was defeated, there is finally spring in Goron Village. Now you embark on the valley with the hanging bridges, because there you can get under the now-thawed water as Zora the chest.
42 Goron Village Swaps as Deku your sump certificate against the mountain deed of Deku dealer in Goron Village, so that he makes available his Deku Flower. Used subsequently to reach the Piece of Heart in the niche of the rock wall.
43 Snowhead On the way to Snowhead, you must use the Goron roll, skip two canyons. Between the gorges you can offer your Lens of Truth to use to discover on the right side some platforms. Jumps to the last platform and plays the scarecrows polka. Means fishing hooks can you draw you to the heart part.
44 Ikana Canyon As Zora you have the Deku dealer in Ikana Canyon give your marine certificate and you get 200 Rupees and his Deku Flower. With the flower you are flying towards the edge, where you can pick up another Piece of Heart.
45 Ikana Canyon In the upper area you can find a house where you can participate in a haunted mini-game. To win, you must turn in under 3 minutes, the four wisps. As a price you can expect a Piece of Heart.
46 Ikana Canyon (Hidden Shrine) Search on the left of the two Oktoroks a cave on the water. In it you can in individual chambers, compete against the four bosses from the temples. Have you managed to defeat all waiting for you at the output of a Piece of Heart. However, forced 16 heart containers are needed to get into the last chamber.
47 Ikana ruins When you walk through the ruins to get on a roof, you shoot from the means of the arrow on the switch so sic HThe flame off. Now jump to the column and used on the Deku Flower to reach the heart part can.
48 Cemetery of Ikana On the second night you have to the cemetery and the skeletons using the helmet of Captain bring them to open a grave. Below that is a cave. Now you equip with the eye of truth in it and defeat the enemy to get a Piece of Heart.
49 In the Moon (Deku maze) Speak to the child with the Odolwa mask and give him some of your masks to enter the maze. The core part is located in the right rear corner of the large chamber. You can reach them by using a Deku Flower.
50 In the Moon (Goron maze) To enter the Goron maze, you have to talk to the child that has attracted the Goht mask. Here you must follow the predetermined path and then will jump over the abyss to reach the Piece of Heart.
51 In the Moon (Zora maze) The child with the Gyorg mask sends you into this maze. Here you have as Zora in a specific sequence swim through the water channels: Left - Right - Links - Links to then end up in a room with a Piece of Heart.
52 In the Moon (Link maze) To get in the last maze, you have to talk to the child that has the Twinmold mask. Fight your way up to the penultimate chamber and blows by Grabbelmine the crack in the wall on. Behind you shoot using an arrow from the switch in order to open the next chamber. And here's the latest heart-awaited and part is waiting for you.