Mario Party 10 HD to feature new Amiibo Party mode

When Wii U was presented at E3 2011, one of the concepts that confused and surprised it left us all was the asymmetric game, a great unknown at the time that now sounds much more realistic. Who would have thought that four years after this form of play "uneven", with one player facing a greater number of opponents, went into fashion, with games like the recent Evolve or future Fable Legends, and others like Dying Light that include one of its multiplayer modes.

The truth is that the great challenge of Wii U by the asymmetric game thanks to its barely developed original remote screen we've seen, and was one of the launch titles for the console, Nintendo Land, which has most exploited this way play. We had to wait long but soon reach another title eager to take advantage of the GamePad and playable asymmetry, and this is Mario Party 10, a classic saga that since it opened in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 was allowed to see all Nintendo consoles.

Those responsible for this new release are again Tokyoites Nd Cube, responsible for the latest installment of the saga as Mario Party 9 Wii and Mario Party: Island Tour for 3DS, that truth is not left completely satisfied almost anyone, so it is logical that fans of the series walk with the fly behind the ear. We have already been proven in-depth Mario Party 10, and follow a continuous line compared to that seen in the ninth installment, being its biggest news asymmetrical mini four to one, and compatibility with Amiibo figures.

On the initial screen we get the three main game modes to choose from: Mario Party, Party Bowser and Amiibo Party. In the first we have to choose five different themed boards and duration, as in the previous game, Mario Party 9, the four players move in the same vehicle, and the goal is to collect more stars than the rest, through a board on which move linearly to the finish. This to move all together without freedom to move around the board, something that did not please many fans of the series in the above, but in Nd Cube seem sure of this idea, and return to bet on it.

In Mario Party so we do not have too many developments, with ever-more 70 minigames, skill, quick reflexes, judgment or even directly luck, either all against all, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 1. There are none that surprised us with its quality or original ideas, for better or for worse, as will many installments of this series and is complicated by now surprised, but almost all are fun and fast operation comprising, something that make again a highly recommended game for all ages.

Choosing Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Toadette, Donkey Kong, Rosalina and Spike - these last two new characters in the seriousness, we continue collecting stars to win and collecting different types of dice. They can come in handy when you need a particular spin. The strange thing is that Bowser at the beginning of the game is locked in the GamePad, with several padlocks assigned a number, and when all these figures are drawn to roll the dice, this is released with the intention to annoy players different ways.

The way to really fresh and original game of this issue is Bowser Party, in which four players with a Wii remote, a fifth player controlling Bowser, the GamePad face. This is where the asymmetric game exploits, as we had not seen in Nintendo, with test in which the player controlling Bowser, thanks to the control screen, go and have to do different things at rest, as moving the GamePad or the touch screen, which is fun. In this way the team of four players must work together to reach the goal, the objective being the fifth player to defeat them before they reach the end of the board, eliminating all their lives.

Each player roll a die, to help move the vehicle, but Bowser to keep up can launch up to six dice at once, so clashes are constant. Each time the vehicle reaches Bowser begins a test, and in these, which almost always include Bowser trying to damage its opponents, each time a player is hit you lose a heart, but can be recovered across the board in different ways. If you run out of hearts you have to leave the vehicle, although not you get bored you still have a turn to roll to support your teammates; if they get new hearts for the group, you return to the "resurrected" vehicle.

The third gameplay is Amiibo Party, Mario Party 10 being one of the games that even the most advantage now brings these successful figures. We may use amiibo Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, Estela, Donkey Kong and Wario, whether the Super Smash Bros. Collection or Super Mario Collection, but also we can play with "normal" characters game. To unlock this way at least you must have an Amiibo, and each of the nine compatible Amiibo unblock a different board, inspired by the person, with different items and traps.

For us feel involved with our figure, like a board game really is involved, whenever we throw the dice have to pose and lift the Amiibo in sensor GamePad, and boards where we play these games are very small although we have freedom of movement, not here all the characters come together in a vehicle.

Besides these three main modes, there are a number of mini-games that we can play freely, like a game of badminton four against four, or puzzle game, reminiscent of the mythical Columns. We also have many unlockables, from music to different types of vehicles and even extra difficulties that are unlocked using coins obtained in all game modes. As happened in the recent Mario Party Nintendo 3DS, again there is no online play, nor does it appear that they intend to include in the series.

The asymmetric game and Amiibo main claim

If you like the new way to play Mario Party 9 with all the players together during the gameplay, and you want to take advantage of your Amiibo and to further explore the possibilities GamePad and the asymmetric game, Mario Party 10 will be back a great option to play with your friends and family in the living room. Will be released on March 20 by the new collection of Super Mario Collection Amiibo, and in addition to the basic edition will be a special edition that will include the new Mario Amiibo.